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    Re: Time to start thinking about winter.

    What exactly you and the inspector looked for and decided there were no "signs of any viruses" ?
  2. Re: Lots of eggs, no capped brood, very little forage (low workforce)

    A lot of times, what appears to be a weak queen, is just a weak hive without enough young nurse bees, not enough "staff support" so to speak for the queen and her laying activity. It might have been...
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    Re: Queen cells Please analyse my pics

    If indeed you have found queen cells, then yes, they might be "thinking" and preparing to swarm. Were those queen cells capped? As you removed them, did you look inside of them? What did you see?...
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    Re: Virgin Queens?

    If your production hives were already into swarm preparation...then yes, they could sure swarm with a virgin or with multiple virgins. The time frame for swarming and swarm preps must be slightly...
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    Re: Queen Question, Options.......

    From my perspective only...
    I have seen new queens return from mating flights and for whatever reason some are superseded as soon as they start laying. Some hives just start the cups, new queen lays...
  6. Re: Hive issue- disease? partially fertilized queen?

    I would first address the idea of a weaker hive due to multiple swarming.

    Underlying disease? Possible, but why not try to address the most probable cause, which from your description seems to be...
  7. Re: Hive issue- disease? partially fertilized queen?

    I think you have found your answer...:)

    With two consecutive swarms from a hive, a lot of the foragers and nurse bees, are will take a while to build back. It is possible that there were...
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    Re: Spring Nucs


    Well, July and August 2013 is when I put these nucs together.

    I like them strong, so each had at least 3 frames of capped brood, all the adhering bees and another frame or two of...
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    Re: Spring Nucs

    @Jeyster...yes, I put them together later in the year. But also, like you say you can put them together anytime during the year, and keep them under control by using them as extra resources( build...
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    Re: Spring Nucs

    I would...:)
    But now a lot of folks don't know, and don't care to know the them, a nuc is a nuc and how much they pay for it vs. a package is all that matters.

    A true,...
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    Re: Results back from Beltsville

    They do not do pesticide residue analysis. I also wondered why not...
    From their site:
    "We do not analyze samples (bees, wax comb, pollen, etc.) for the presence of viruses or pesticide residue."...
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    Re: Mini Mating Nuc

    OK Dominic, lots of questions...I'll try to keep it as short as possible...:)

    "What are the acceptance rate for virgins? Are they considerably different than with royal cells? “

    Well…again it...
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    Re: Mini Mating Nuc

    I guess it depends...I like to have the virgins emerged in my incubator. I like to see them, evaluate them, reject the ones that do not look OK to me...then mark them.
    I am also doing II, so I like...
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    Re: Mini Mating Nuc

    I used them for the last 2 years...among other types/configurations. I've got mine ( 10 of them) from EH Thorne, shipped from UK. But just like your link, they are identical,Mini Bivo brand...made in...
  15. Re: Catch them today, and they leave the next day.

    Both...This year I had about 10-15 traps up at any given time. On those, this year I caught 1-3 swarms per trap in the height of the swarming season, for this area. Those that moved into the...
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    Marla Spivak- TED 2013

    Not sure if this was posted already...
  17. Re: Catch them today, and they leave the next day.

    I think this is the ticket...moving them to another location, away from where you found them.

    Old comb, frames of open brood, feeding...all tilt the balance towards the swarm staying. Placing a...
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    Re: Backfilling the broodnest in fall

    Manly in his book does not say that.

    Here in his own words, from page 126: " I had better say at once, to avoid misunderstanding, that the purpose of regular examinations is not to prevent the...
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    Re: setting up a mini hive

    I've been making and working with quite a few of these mini nucs all year long. I also like replacing the mated queen I take out with another virgin, not a cell. These mini nucs at times, might not...
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    Re: Queen intro

    Yes you did.
    If you do get the frame of brood from another hive, might as well get one with emerging bees, and get that queen under an introduction cage, placed right above the emerging brood....
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    Re: Requeening with cells

    From what I've done and seen happening, if you place a cell in a queen right colony, the virgin will kill the resident laying queen. Virgins are little killing machines.
    If you look in front of the...
  22. Thread: Shb

    by apis maximus

    Re: Shb

    The beetles will zero in on the hives from long distances. Then, just like you noticed, they just fly in...They are an added stress to the hive no doubt, and some hives/bees are handling it better...
  23. Re: Hives doing really well but suddenly feeling unprepared for what's next

    From my point of view, it depends if you still have some flow in your area. If you do, and the bees are still making brood, then yes, they will run out of room, back-fill with honey and they might...
  24. Re: NC beekeepers- questions! /overwintering

    Well, if last year is of any guidance...hardly ever is nowadays, but, I have not lost any nucs. Out of 20, all have made it great through the winter and have become monster hives by April. Had one...
  25. Re: NC beekeepers- questions! /overwintering

    I'm in Eastern NC, and I do overwinter 20-30 nucs. I am still making nucs as we speak.

    Had a lot of honey this year, and saved a lot of frames with honey, to add to these nucs. Starting with a...
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