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    Re: Winter Feed

    If the temps are well above 50 degrees, then keep feeding sugar water, till they get below 50degrees. Better to leave the medium and find come spring they didn't use it rather than take it and find...
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    Re: feral hives

    Without mite treatment, most Honey Bee colonies will die within about three years. In the 1990's I read an article suggesting that the US had lost over 17 Million wild (Feral) nests due to the Veroa...
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    Re: Should the hives be combined??

    Oh, and change your feed to 1 to 1 sugar/water ratio. Keep feeding while temps are over 50 degrees F.
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    Re: Should the hives be combined??

    I certainly would be combing them. try to find the weak hives queen, catch her, and drop her into a bottle of alcohol for future swarm lure attractant. Then try to find a buddies house that you can...
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    Re: Possibly Need a queen

    You may want to post on Craigslist. I was ready to give a queen away the other day as I was teaming a hive up with another weaker hive. I was going to post on Craigslist a free queen, but could not...
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    Re: Three pretty weak hives.

    Two of the three were late season swarms. THe other was a July cut-out. All three have queens.
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    Three pretty weak hives.

    Hi All
    I have one fully drawn 10 frame deep super hive, and 2 approximately 5-frame-drawn swarm hives. All my main hives have queens, so my question is what to do with these three hives. Should I...
  8. To Feed or Not to feed ...that is the Question!

    I believe that in forcing Bee's to naturally forage tends to make for stronger bees. With all the computer models showing a potentially long and hard winter I am debating as to whether to feed the...
  9. Re: Fall Management and lack of Carniolan Brood production questions?+

    KGB, no , this was the first fall application of ApiVar Life. No way associated.
  10. Fall Management and lack of Carniolan Brood production questions?+

    So I yanked all our honey this weekend and began inspecting all hives yesterday. Both of my Carniolan hives have no uncapped brood and very little to no capped brood. I did not look for a queen...
  11. Better honey production with some shade?

    A friend lost almost all his bee's last winter. He for the longest time had them under a Maple tree with only receiving morning light. He moved them all out into the yard where they get all day...
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    Salt Blocks for Bee's?

    I heard this weekend of a new Beek who has a salt block in the field. he said after rain, there usually are bee's on it taking in some salt. Is this an oddity, or is it something you can expect in...
  13. Re: Spring Split - Last light or Midday????

    What we mean on side-by-side split is a measure of making two hives out of one. You, in essence, separate your two deep supers and try to equalize the amount of foragers into the two deeps, then move...
  14. Re: Spring Split - Last light or Midday????

    KGB, I wouldn't do this until spring, so not worried on upcoming weather.
    Ray, I would move one of the splits to another Bee Yard as I have four different yards to utilize.
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    Re: Interesting "other" bee i saw today

    Looks like what I drove halfway across Tompkins County this past June for a friend only to learn it looks identical to what we call a Mason Bee.
  16. Spring Split - Last light or Midday????

    I had great success this year on my side-by-side splits which I did in the late afternoon. I am always looking to do better. I now suspect that I may get a more even distribution of nurse & foragers...
  17. Re: Shriveled Wings & Dying Bees - Will the Hive Make it!

    I treat with Api Life Var myself. This will be my 4th year with the stuff, and I swear by it. I see one person here says its too late. I always start treating immediately after pulling the honey...
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    Re: leaf blower

    Also, have a few empty supers ready to replace as you likely will have a housing problem in the short term until all eviction notices are served on the Drones. Cheers
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    Re: leaf blower

    Thomas Jefferson possibly nailed it by saying "I find simplicity is best". Stop overthinking it and making it more complex than need be. Back your truck up to your apiary and drop the gate. Pop the...
  20. Re: Low entrance activity - should I feed?

    It sounds like they swarmed on you from whatyou described. That may also be coupled with the hive crashing. You need to inspect, and possibly re-Queen.
  21. Can I vacume foragers toninght and dump directly into what I cut out this afternoon?

    Hi All..................Can I vacume foragers up tonight and dump them directly into what I cut out this afternoon? I would think they all get along, but erring on side of caution and newspapering...
  22. Re: 1 Good hive, and two with possibly laying Workers. Newspaper and prayers

    Yes, I meant to mention that both trap-outs appear to have laying workers in them.
  23. 1 Good hive, and two with possibly laying Workers. Newspaper and prayers

    Tonight I teamed up two weak trap-out hives that lost the Buckfast queens I introduced to them. I am curious if after tomorrow I can or should team that combined hive with a swarm I caught that...
  24. First report of Africanized Bees in Finger Lakes Region brought from Florida ?

    Hi all
    I am curious if any Beekeepers here in and around the Finger Lakes are hearing, as I did today, about Africanized Bee's now in the area? we have two commercial keepers I know of who take...
  25. Re: Difficulty in isolating where exactly a swarm/colony is inside old farmhouse ceil

    Harbor Freight Tools, how ironic. I go by this everyday. I just looked at the building the other day and said to myself that I need to go in there. I see they have one at $35, looks like I will be...
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