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    Re: which screened bottom bard do you like?

    I made some of the Freeman G2 bottom boards last year using the plans at Ashley Bee Supply. You can buy them already made also. I had some Kelley bottom boards that were getting in pretty bad shape...
  2. Re: Lost/Weak Queen? New Pkg Installed. No Brood. Nectar Stored. Queen Cells Present.

    My first thought when I read your post was, if I were in this situation the first thing I would do is contact my bee supplier to let them know I was having an issue. I would also ask them to send me...
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    Re: Mixing essential oils in suryp.....


    It depends on what you are trying to do. I try not to use EO unless I am treating for something or to stimulate they to build up in the Spring.

    The recipes I use I got from Trevor...
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    Re: Mixing essential oils in suryp.....

    I have used lecithin granules when emulsifying essential oils for sugar water but really did not see that it was that much better than emulsifying the oils with just a small amount of water in a...
  5. Re: Any thoughts fume boards and Fishers bee quick

    I have used BeeQuick and a fume board for three years and am happy with how it works for me. But, that is the only method I have used. As others have said it works best on sunny days. As others have...
  6. Re: Yellow Jackets in front of my hives!! Yikes!

    I agree with others that they are probably taking dead bees away. I did see a lot trying to get in my hives late in the season last year but the bees seemed to take care of it. The only ones I have...
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    Re: 8 Frame Medium hive

    My second year hives last year were stacked 8 high. The first year I only needed 5. This year I have one hive that is doing really well and I am adding the 8th box today. These are 8-frame mediums.
  8. Thread: SHB Traps

    by Huntertn

    Re: SHB Traps

    I got a #6 screen for my Walter T Kelley's IPM screen bottom board a couple of years ago. It seems like it was not on the website but someone from the local bee club said to just call Kelley's and...
  9. Re: Will the half left without a queen make it this early?

    Mine have been bring in pollen for several weeks. Actually, I guess thay have bringing in a little pollen for a month. I went through my hive this Sunday and noticed nectar dripping out of some of...
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    Re: Diatomaceous earth

    I used it for ants but was not impressed. I ended up putting the legs of my stand in paint cans of oil. For my ants, I needed some type of barrier when I was feeding sugarwater. There is another...
  11. Re: Essential Oil Preps: Food Grade? and Lecithin

    I am in my second year - so I don't have much experience. Being new, I tried both the blender method and the granulated lecithin method. They both worked but I liked the blender method Rusty...
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    Re: high rise bee hive safety issues

    Don't know much about the safety aspect. At my workplace they are more concerned with people damaging the building (roof) and causing leaks by walking where they shouldn't.

    I would think that a...
  13. Thread: Tennesse laws

    by Huntertn

    Re: Tennesse laws

    Hey D1,

    The Tennessee Beekeepers Association website has information on local clubs, hive registration, and a link to the state Apiarist's website. It might be helpful.
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    Re: Food grade bucket ?

    I had some pickle buckets in the past too and never could get the smell out of them. For used food grade buckets I get them from a local doughnut place. They have various sizes.
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    Re: Bee lining box source?

    Did you read the article on hunting feral colonies in the "Points of View" section?

    It talks about...
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    Re: Essential Oils source?

    If you use powdered sugar to dust for mites... is that a pesticide?

    I think I poisoned myself with a donut this morning :eek:

    Before I die I will say that I have used LorAnn oils in the past...
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    Re: New packages hived in 8 frame medium bodies

    When I started my packages last year I started them in 8 frame medium box. When they had six frames drawn and were starting on the last two frames I added the second box... then added a third after...
  18. Thread: Beetles

    by Huntertn

    Re: Beetles

    Last year was my first year beekeeping so hopefully someone more experienced will come by soon... I used 2 beetle blasters in each box and had a screen bottom board with a tray under it. I caught...
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    Re: Bees and the Neighbors Pools

    My bees preferred my neighbors pool cover water over the two water sources I provided. Based on what I saw them doing and what I was reading on the forum it seemed like they would rather get the...
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    Re: Should I feed? Record Heat n Dry

    This is my first year - so this really isn't advice but this is what I came up with when I struggled with the same question. I have not started feeding mine again yet. I went through the hive about a...
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    Re: Nail/Staple Gun

    You are correct about the brad & staple. A brad is just a thinner type of nail. I use a Bostitch stapler like Greg. Which ever you choose, be sure that you can easily get the staples/brads in...
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    Re: Left over fuel in the smoker

    When I am finished with my smoker I stuff a plug of aluminum foil in it and leave it somewhere safe to go out on its own and cool off. When I go to use it the next time I pull the unused fuel out and...
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    Re: New Member from Middle TN

    Welcome to the forum from Rutherford County! Sound like you bees are doing great!
  24. Re: Anyone know if John/Ruth Seaborn still in business at Wolf Creek Apiaries?

    I first John at our Bee club and he was the one I picked up my bees from. But Ruth was the one I emailed and talked to on the phone. They are really great to deal with! I have been very happy with...
  25. Re: Anyone know if John/Ruth Seaborn still in business at Wolf Creek Apiaries?

    I got a package from them about 5 weeks ago. They may just be covered up. A couple of people in my club got bees from them after I did.
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