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  1. How can I get my queen to increase egg production, before Fall arrives!

    (This is my second summer as a beek. Last summer was much easier.)

    I had several requeening issues this summer, as a result both my hives were queenless for about a month.

    I'm thinking that...
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    Re: Second Queen in Two Months Has Disappeared

    My other hive is extremely docile too, amazing how different they are. This whole queenless situation is very frustrating too. I'm now trying to find a third queen for this hive.
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    Re: Second Queen in Two Months Has Disappeared

    Patricia, I'm in exactly the same boat. I just confirmed that queen #2 is missing too. This hive is particularly peppery. Is yours mean too?
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Burlington VT. 05401. May 24. What I thought was the weaker of my two hives swarmed yesterday. Massive amount of bees 30 ft up in my neighbors tree. Extension ladder, pole pruner and tarp...
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    The Great Dandelion Conspiracy?

    So I been watching, friends have been watching, family has been watching and no one has actually seen a honey bee on a dandelion. So whats up? Has the American Society for Dandelion Preservation...
  6. Harvesting leftover honey in spring, any suggestions?

    Since it was my first year, I left all the honey on my hives for the winter. Now that spring is approaching I am looking for some spring harvesters tips and suggestions.
  7. Re: Options when switching to medium frames

    Hey, I was in your same position a year ago. There was never a time that the bottom deep was empty, but I didn't use a queen excluder. I left the deep on all year and just removed it about two weeks...
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    Re: Post your bloom dates 2014!

    •April 11, 2014
    •Silver Maple
    Bees are bringing in tons of light yellow/white pollen. I need to compare to Silver Maple pollen in neighborhood.
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    Re: Beware of Betterbee

    I've had nothing but GREAT experiences with every aspect of Betterbee. Maybe an administrator could remove all the old Betterbee Bashing posts, they seem so irrelevant to the current Betterbee team.
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    Re: Spring feeding in the north, When and how?

    I agree with the sugar brick suggestion (sugar/apple cider vinegar) It took no time to make or to harden and my bees are all over it.
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    Re: Yoshino cherry trees

    The Yoshino does best in zones 8-5, mature height 40'-50' spread 25'- 40', likes full sun and well drained soil.
  12. Thread: Bee Space

    by tonetone28

    Re: Bee Space

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    Re: What did you learn this winter?

    I learned that I have far more questions than answers.
    {Two hives, each with one deep and multiple mediums}

    For example;

    #1- Hive 'B' entered winter with four mediums of capped honey, why...
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    Re: First sting of the new year...

    I got one on the eyelid while topping off their watering sponge.
  15. Finally, several hours of cleansing flights!

    Here in Burlington VT the temps at my house hit 53F for several hours today so all my girls took advantage of the opportunity to take a cleansing flight. I hope others...
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    Re: Noob Equipment Questions

    Hey, I've been very happy with all medium 8's.
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    Re: February Kills

    Hey down there Enj.

    My quilt box is a shallow super with two layers of loose weave burlap stapled to the bottom, then filled with aspen shavings from petco. So far working great. I leave them on...
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    Re: Indoor wintering

    Google "hive quilt box". You have to stop the condensation ASAP! Sheets of newspaper between the top box and roof that extend past the sides would be a quick fix.
  19. Re: No cleansing flight yet, should I be worried?

    Wow, sure wish I lived wherever you saw multiple days in the 50's, because it didn't happen at my house. Thanks for checking on that, I can use all the encouragement I can get.
  20. Re: No cleansing flight yet, should I be worried?

    Hey Mike,
    It did get to 53F for about an hour at my house that day, and a few, maybe 20,
    buzzed about outside the hive but nothing like what I've read about or was expecting. (I sat by the hive...
  21. No cleansing flight yet, should I be worried?

    Here in northern VT we have not had a warm day since winter began. This is my first winter I have two well stocked hives. How much longer can the bees go without a poo? Should I try and get the...
  22. Bees at the top of the hive, hanging from the quilt box bottom. Newbee First Winter!

    Just peeked and there are a lot of bees hanging, (alive) from the bottom of the quilt box at the top of my hive.
    This hive went into winter with one deep, and four mediums full of honey. I...
  23. Re: Average weekly bee deaths, per hive, in winter?

    I peeked quickly and saw a few bees at the top. (less than ten) However, this hive went into winter with three mediums, each full of capped honey, on one deep. I can't imagine they would need...
  24. Average weekly bee deaths, per hive, in winter?

    I am in my first Northern Vermont winter, with two hives. I left all the honey in the hives, as I'd rather have bees in the spring, than take some honey in the fall. Once a week, for...
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    Can you leave on too much honey?

    Newbee question from northern Vermont

    As I research information on winter wrapping, I have begun to wonder if my hives are too big for the bees to heat. As its my first year, I collected no...
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