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  1. Re: Emergency Cut-out in a Felled Walnut

    Is there anyway to get the log cut from the current 12' length to a shorter size that you are able to stand it upright? Chances are the bees / comb are not the whole way in the 12' piece. Just...
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    Re: cut out help

    It's worth a try. Just make sure they only have the one entrance. I'm not so sure I would contain them for a day or so, as this may cause the bees in the walls (or whereever they are) to find a way...
  3. Re: Any help locating hive position in a tree

    You will have to go out and take a look to see what kind of tree, how big it is, what shape it is, etc. You could do as Beregondo has said, but being up in the air with a chain saw isn't my idea of...
  4. Re: Are AI or A1 Root honey extractors still being made?

    Went to the auction yesterday evening. In addition to the extractor, there were two deep hive bodies, 4 supers, a bottom board, inner cover, and top cover. Most of the boxes seemed to have frames...
  5. Re: Are AI or A1 Root honey extractors still being made?

    Well, that explains why I couldn't find any company selling new AI Root extractors!

    I know extractors aren't a big technology and have few parts that will wear out. I'm not real worried about...
  6. Are AI or A1 Root honey extractors still being made?

    An auction is coming up where bee boxes and an AI or A1 Root honey extractor is listed. I've tried doing an internet search and I've found some on Ebay, but I'm wondering if they are still being...
  7. Re: How chancy is a walk away split w/queen? (thinking about next spring)

    In the past two years, I've done 3 splits. I only use full size hive bodies, so the very first split I did was on a hive that had 3 hive bodies on it. I took the top two hive bodies off and put...
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    Re: Cutout Yesterday

    Sounds like you did pretty good.

    Kind of late to be messing with a tree now, (but like you said, with the damage to the tree, winter would have done them in anyhow) but I guess they still have a...
  9. Re: Thoughts on a Fall Flow in the Northeast??

    I've been seeing quite a bit of Joe Pye Weed in flower. The Japenese Knotweed is just starting to open in flower - at least along the creek banks. The early Goldenrod is out and blooming.

    I was...
  10. Yesterday I got 2 calls for cutouts.

    I was at home yesterday resting, after getting a stent put in for a kidney stone problem.

    I got a call in the morning "Are you the one that gets swarms of bees?"
    "Yes I am."
    "Well my...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Finally - my first swarm call of the year that resulted in a caught swarm!!!!

    Received a call this afternoon about "bees in a tree". "I think it's honey bees, it's just one big mass of bees." ...
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    Re: split question

    Well, I just did a split today.

    I had plans for this Spring of increasing my hives with lots of swarms. I got 0 calls for swarms, and since I only had 1 hive in the Spring, I had split it. 2...
  13. Re: Odfrank's Observations - Bees Inhabiting Potential Nesting Sites

    It would actually make sense that the bees start scouting BEFORE they swarm. The hive knows they are going to swarm at some point - queen cells have been made. It would make more sense that they...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Got a call this late afternoon. "I had a swarm of bees move into my garage." After asking several questions, he told me he has a log house with attached garage and 3 years ago had a swarm move into...
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    Poll: Re: To smoke, or not to smoke...

    4 year beekeeper with experience as a teen too. But I'm by no means an expert. Last week I thought I would get into my one and only hive that survived the winter, and it it was strong enough, split...
  16. Re: Person wants their swarm back - Would you give it to them?

    Just because you caught a swarm on that day, and just because her bees swarmed that day does NOT mean they were hers. I'm guessing she wouldn't have been any the wiser that her bees swarmed other...
  17. Re: Cutout: captured only half the bees

    I've never done a cut out before (I attempted one with bees behind rock siding which was a fiasco), but I would always suggest when doing a cutout, leave some comb attached to where you are doing the...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    Two swarms that another beekeeper got in Summerville, PA 15864 on Sunday May 26.

    The owners saw the first swarm come out of an old house on their property on Saturday. The 2nd swarm came from the...
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    Re: Mann Lake vented suit

    After much decision, I decided to order a Mann Lake vented suit. I'm 265 pounds and around 5' 10". I ordered the X Large vented suit. I got it, and while I fit in it, I barely fit. According to...
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    Re: Trap-out and agreements

    At this point, it doesn't matter what you do- honor your initial agreement or cut your losses - your name is "mud" with these people.

    At first you wanted to help these people, and they wanted to...
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    Re: Colony update here in Pa

    Checking in for the first time this year on this thread. Didn't have a good winter - out of 12 hives, 3 were still alive in March. (I figured as much, many of the swarms I caught last year just...
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    Re: This was awesome!

    I'm guessing for whatever reason, the swarm just landed there thinking it would be a good home and upon finding it occupied decided they would move on. It's odd if the swarm actually went into the...
  23. Re: Swarms...any chance of acquiring one

    My Father & I kept bees when I was a young teen. Our bees swarmed, but I never witnessed it - I would just see the swarm on a tree - if we were that lucky.

    I got back into beekeeping about 4...
  24. Re: Found my first Feral Hive Today

    I'd be more inclined to just let the wild hive alone. Set up swarm traps around the area and collect 1 - 2 swarms per year from them.

    If they aren't hurting anything out in the woods, let them be...
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    Re: Colony update here in Pa

    It's been a busy year. Had both hives make it through the winter and did a split on one which got me up to 3 hives. I advertised I would remove swarms and captured at least 11 swarms but I had...
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