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  1. Re: Moving hives 100 feet - any preferred sequence?

    The big and hot one has one deep and three mediums (the top medium probably only has a bit of honey in it). It's kind of inverted, with two mediums on the bottom that had most of the brood, then the...
  2. Re: Moving hives 100 feet - any preferred sequence?

    Good point. I don't really need another hive though, plus digging into the hot hive (even in two pieces) to make sure there are QC's in each isn't something I'm thrilled about doing…
  3. Re: Moving hives 100 feet - any preferred sequence?

    Actually the hive was hot before I split it. The queenright half is calm now, the other larger queenless hive remains hot. Certainly being queenless isn't helping!
  4. Re: Moving hives 100 feet - any preferred sequence?

    Thanks, but actually I just need to relocate them on the property due to the owners request. Dealing with the hot hive is a secondary issue.
  5. Re: Moving hives 100 feet - any preferred sequence?

    It occurs to me that in addition i should NOT attempt to force the bees from the hot hive to re-orient, but rather just let the foragers go back to the old location and join either small hive that's...
  6. Re: Moving hives 100 feet - any preferred sequence?

    #1 desired outcome is just moving the hives. It's not urgent but has to be done over the next week or two.
    #2 is certainly to weaken the hot hive.

    Am I right that my idea of moving the hot...
  7. Re: Can I Use A Frame Feeder In An Empty Box Above Brood Box?

    I am trying this with two hives now and so far so good. I did not add frames in the top box.
  8. Moving hives 100 feet - any preferred sequence?

    I have three hives that I need to move about 100 feet. I've read Michael Bush's comments on doing so (basically just move them and obstruct the entrance so they re-orient), but I'm wondering if I...
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    Re: Should I re-queen this hive?

    Thanks for the replies. The one thing that's confusing me is that the hive was aggressive BEFORE the split, with the queen right half now calm and the queenless one aggressive. I can understand how...
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    Should I re-queen this hive?

    One of my hives that successfully over-wintered here in NorCal has been absolutely booming but had also turned very aggressive after being quite calm last year. Last week I split it by simply...
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    Possibly queenless hive?

    One of my overwintered hives may be queenless. Here's the chronology:
    - 3/1 Hive cover blew off in storm and lots of rain soaked hive thru inner cover
    - 3/8 Saw queen
    - 3/15 Saw capped brood
  12. Re: Queens come tomorrow, how long can I wait until I install them....

    I'd only add to be careful if you have any ants in your home as they'll be attracted to the sugar plug and can kill your queen. I left a caged queen on my kitchen counter last year and in the...
  13. Thread: Frame feeder

    by bison

    Re: Frame feeder

    I am experimenting with putting the frame feeder into an otherwise empty deep that is above the inner cover of the bottom bee-filled deep. The hope is that they come up into the deep to get the...
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    What makes a nice hive turn mean?

    I have a hive that's been very mild mannered… until recently! It's grown very quickly this spring and when I inspected it yesterday it was both busting with bees in two deeps and two mediums and...
  15. Re: 'A sting to the scrotum is painful but the nose is far worse,' says scientist...

    I got stung inside my left nostril last year and it felt like getting punched by Mike Tyson! Absolutely the worst I've ever had (though granted I've never gotten one in the crotch).
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    Re: Bees and Turkey Hunting (slightly graphic)

    That's funny! I do turkey hunt and there are times that they seem to be the smartest things in the world, other times they're the dumbest. I suspect it's related to the amount of testosterone in...
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    Bees and Turkey Hunting (slightly graphic)

    Well had a new one today… Went to my buddies ranch where I keep a couple of hives and was planning to go turkey hunting afterward so I had my gun and equipment along with my hive stuff. I dug deep...
  18. Can I use a division feeder in an empty deep on top of a full deep?

    I have several division feeders and like that they hold a lot of syrup. I have a couple of splits in nucs that Im going to transfer into 10 frame deeps soon and I'm wondering if I can put an inner...
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    Re: Bee Yard Rental, and hives per yard

    I allow a commercial keeper to put 100-200 hives on my property at no cost as it helps keep my agricultural zoning and I don't mind having him around from time to time. He gives me a package or...
  20. Re: Letting my hives swarm versus making splits - what's better for the bees?

    Bees aren't people. They don't care either way, so do what's best for your situation (which includes neighbor issues, etc).
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    Re: giving brood to a new package?

    +1 to what Pannu said above, but if you don't want to do so there's nothing wrong with giving the packages something to make them feel more at home. Drawn comb is great and will allow the queen to...
  22. Re: Where should I put the full frames of honey in a new package?

    Your plan sounds fine to me. They'll love the drawn comb and it will help them build a population quickly. Some food will alleviate any need to feed syrup and give them energy to draw the other...
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    Re: When is do I inspect?

    You'll get different opinions. As long as the queen is out and you're feeding, there's no NEED to inspect them for at least a couple of weeks. The queen will start laying soon, but it will be three...
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    Re: How early do/can you split?

    Here in NorCal we had a very mild winter. I made my first split on March 1 and found the new queen and lots of uncapped brood last Friday. Usually mid-March is as early as I'd split. Swarms are...
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    Re: What are nucs for?

    I had the same question when I started, now 4 years later find them very useful. I primarily use them to make splits early in the season to replace deadouts from the winter, then always like to have...
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