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  1. Re: Processing a single frame of honey.

    I crush and strain but this year I will be using this once it comes in the mail
    since I do foundationless I just show up to the...
  2. Re: Two queens laying next to each other.

    I have been playing with home made nucs enough this season to have my fair share of experience with laying workers. I think time is probably the best approach at this junction. The nice thing about...
  3. Two queens laying next to each other.

    I went to check on one of the new nucs I made and saw two queens laying in the comb a few cells apart from each other. This is kind of cool for me since this is the first time I have seen queens lay...
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    Re: Bad luck or what?

    I agree with Ace on this one and don't also forget how easy it is for a weakened hive to be robbed out by stronger hives.
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    Re: Queen, Nicot Syistem
    I have a few of Grant Gillard books this one is as good as any and you can get it for less then 6 bucks if you have a...
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    Re: Greetings from Nebraska!

    Michael bush lives in your state. He is quick to help. Find a local club and join it.
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    Re: Uncapped brood??

    They could also be pulling out Diploid drones. It happens from time to time
  8. Re: Hive doesn't have much food stored away..........

    you should also be shooting for a weight. Talk to your local bee clubs to find out. Here in Iowa its about 125-135lbs-ish.
  9. Re: Getting late season split to pull comb

    You are going to have to feed if you want comb if you have no flow. If you work the boxes and keep them open by throwing in new frames and pulling up the old ones in to a new box, you can have them...
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    Re: Is it too late to split?

    Drones are a good thing to think about in your area but also decide how you plan to overwinter your new nuc. You might want to look at Mike Palmers 4 over 4 over wintering format.
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    Re: mosema counts

    First it is spelled nosema and you can find what you are looking for here.
    I posted the general link as it should answer all of your follow up...
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    Re: Re-Queen or not?

    Your issue with the comb breaking is a miss handling issue of new foundationless comb. If you are using mediums then this does not happen as long as you don't inspect with the comb horizontal to the...
  13. Re: How many queen cells to add to a nuc?

    You might want to consider opening the brood chamber up when you get the new supper. A new supper on its own is not a guarantee that they will not swarm, nor is opening the brood but the chances are...
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    Re: Hive stands

    Nice find. I see they have some good weight load ratings!
  15. Re: Bees eating a gal of 1:1 in a day, why so much ???

    I agree. Also pull a frame or two up in to the new box to bait them to come up.
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    Re: Brood in honey uppers

    So what would happen If the queen wanted to lay and their was no where to expand the brood. I am guessing a swarm. I am of the view to leave a bit of honey behind to give me a jump on the wintering...
  17. Re: Nasty substance in the bottom of my hive. What is it?

    I am guessing hive beetle larva with their accompanying slime.
  18. Re: Starting nucs for overwintering tonight

    In the last Michael Palmer vid I watched he was talking about queen introduction. He said he did not believe that smell really had much to do with it and what was really important was if the queen...
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    Re: Unhappy Neighbors

    I hope this move appeases your neighbors but my experiences are that when dealing with neighbors that bring forth a concern based out of a emotional response, that it will only satisfy them for a...
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    Re: Police made me move my hives..

    The closer you live to other people the less personal freedoms you have..sorry to hear it.
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    Re: Propolis problem

    I know some breeds like to pour the glue on even some will automatically control the size of the entrance with the stuff as it gets colder. Propilis keeps a hive healthy at least that is what we...
  22. Re: Found 5 queen cells in various areas.

    They are not considered "cells" if they don't have a egg or a larva in them. Right now they are just cups and yes it is normal for them to keep a few around. Some breeds of bees do it more then...
  23. Re: Feed in July with rainy weather ???

    Yes you can over feed them if you don't give them any where to store it other then in the brood. If you have had lots of rain over a period of time you might want to feed them based upon how much...
  24. Re: Making NUC out of single Medium?

    I use 4 frame mediums for mating and I plan to try 4 over 4 for overwintering. We will see.
  25. Re: How did I not know about linden trees?

    I have fallen in love I dare say it..Milk weed. Not only do the bees like it but it does smell AWSOME even at a distance. With out bees I would of never allowed it to grow in my gardens but...
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