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    Re: Beeswax for sale

    If you are not needing a case, I do sell by the pound too. $6.50 a lb. plus shipping. Just email me for shipping quote with # of pounds you need and I'll get right back with you.
  2. Re: Splitting/Equalizing 6 weeks before the flow

    We try and have them at 5 frames, and hope for nice weather. If we hit a week of rain just before the flow, it's 12 hr days cutting cells.:ws:
  3. Re: How to kill a package.... Warre style

    Bottom board always works for us as longs as the weather stay above 30's. They don't wax her in on the bottom board. We had one load this year that we had to put the queens up. 2" of snow and nights...
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    Re: Warning to the wise

    We start each of our packages out with 3 gallons of feed. Bees have been in the hives for a month now, and now they are taking 1-2 gallon a week right now. Nucs are using 1/2-1 a gallon a week. Feed...
  5. Re: frame feeder/ hardware cloth

    Just when on line to Lowes and it is New York Wire 8"X100' Aluminum Gutter/Vent Screen $13.98 a roll. We use the 1 gallon ML feeders.
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    Re: No bee shortage this year.

    I thinks there is some new players in the game this year and just thought that package buyer would come find them. Supplier need dealers to move the packages. I don't know of any big suppliers that...
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    Re: No bee shortage this year.

    I didn't think I was going to get all the packages that I had order, because I upped my order and so when I did. It set me into bee box building mode. Crazy having more bees then you have equipment...
  8. Re: frame feeder/ hardware cloth

    Hey Ben.
    We just use screen wire and fan it to fit feeder. We even screw two small spacer block at the top to keep feeder from mashing bees when filling. The wire we bought came in 100' roll and it...
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    Re: Pollination Off a 16' trailer

    Jim is right. I haven't found a farmer yet that want them all in one spot. They think if they scatter them, they will get better pollination. Hard to change there mind unless there is an extra charge...
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    No bee shortage this year.

    I up my order this year for packages, because in years past you can only get so many. This year my supplies was hopeing that I would have bought more. Just had another supplier looking to move 1000...
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    Re: New split not foraging

    Two deep boxes of bees and loaded queen cells. That works out the best.
    Really if you have nights in the 50's and lots of drone you can do 5 frame splits easy.
    As a comm. beekeeper I can't do...
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    Re: New split not foraging

    Why didn't you move the original hive and leave the split? Really early for walk away splits, unless you have 2 full deeps of bees.
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    Re: No shake package install

    Sorry I'm a package SHAKER.
    800 package shaken in, only took 2 1/2 days.
    We don't get back into our hive for 2-5 weeks.
    There was a few mad bees, but understandable. They came from GA at 90...
  14. Re: Where have all the hive tools gone?

    Boy Roland, need to teacher my boys just that. That or just dock they're pay for every tool and smoker they forget.:roll eyes: They would bee paying me to work my bees.
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    Re: Beeswax for sale

  16. Re: Where have all the hive tools gone?

    Now that I have all the boys working for me I buy the hive tools by the case. Yes by the Case. I had one day last week I had found two hive tools and a smoker in one yard. Nothing like show up at a...
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    Re: split #3 package

    We install 2 lb packages into nuc boxes and in 3-4 weeks add another on top them. Then at 6 weeks brake them in half and add a queen. This is all with foundation and lots of feed. We start most nucs...
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    Re: Ag survey

    30+ years in the business and have always gave them some or little information. Really they might want to write me a check one day for me trying. NOT!:eek:

    Really don't know what they do with all...
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    Re: Cheap Nucs?

    I like it. All they do is drive to GA and collect the money.
    Did you hear about the company a few years back that lost a load (over heated) of packages. Yep they had remorgage their house and...
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    Re: Wax Rendering

    We only render to buy.
    So we buy in at $3.15 a lb on capping and $1.60 on slum and that is finish good price (not gross).
    Another question that always comes up too is freight. Since we only...
  21. Re: what to do with dead hive while waiting for package bees

    Oh yea, Bees don't like robbing frames of honey only syrup.:scratch: That is some advice that I would want to give out.:rolleyes:
    I have over 600 boxes of syrup set up in the yards right now waiting...
  22. Re: what to do with dead hive while waiting for package bees

    Use a new fruit sprayer. mix up 1:2 mix of sugar syrup. You only need to fill 4-5 frames. Leave room for the queen to work.
  23. Re: what to do with dead hive while waiting for package bees

    Sounds like you have it all ready for your new bees. Best of luck this year, its going to bee a great one for honey production.:thumbsup:
  24. Re: Might be a silly question....where you process honey

    I remember extracting in the kitchen and bottling in the dinning room as a kid. We extracted 5 ton the last year we worked out of the kitchen. Their was 7 of us kids and we took turns cracking the 4...
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    Re: best selling container?

    For raw honey we only use glass (12 oz hex is the best seller) good for creamed honey too. 1 pound squeeze invert has doubled our repeat sales customers (easier to use so they use more of it). The...
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