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    Re: Smoking Problem

    It can depend on the weather and the time of day as well. A lot of flowers stop secreting nectar after about 2PM so the bees can get grumpy after that time.

    I agree that the smoker is not all...
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    Re: "Thou shalt not steal"

    That actually looks like a queen bumble to me. The queens go around looking for places to make nests this time of year and, unlike honeybees, they do partake of the pollen and nectar gathering and...
  3. Re: can you extract from supercell foundation?

    I can't think of a reason why you couldn't. They are standard sized frames and you certainly wouldn't be able to crush and strain them so how else would you do it?

    Maybe you're thinking you might...
  4. Re: First Nuc, first hive, first everything. Is this caulkbrook? Pic inside.

    Thank you for sharing this picture. I actually find it to be quite stunning (In a "Wow, that's amazing" sort of way not in an "omg you're in trouble" sort of way.)

    Bees can die at any stage of...
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    Re: Wisconsin weather is frustrating

    Yeah, it's been rough sitting on two new hives with this. I can really only get to my hives on the weekends because they're a half hour away from me and of course, even when we do get decent weather...
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    Re: Unusual Hive Activity

    I'm new too. Hopefully others with more experience will come along and be able to better reassure you but everything sounds normal to me. I think you just have more activity than "usual" because...
  7. Re: Is this normal? Another Newbee fumbling along.

    In my case, I received my package on a snowy day, there was pollen available but the weather was too freaking cold for my bees to actually get to it for a while. But, you're right, they really only...
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    Re: New Keeper 1st Week Two Hives

    Well, if it's gonna be that flippin' cold it might as well rain too, huh?

    You won't need to feed so intensively next year because you'll be working with fully drawn out comb but, yeah, they do go...
  9. Re: Is this normal? Another Newbee fumbling along.

    I don't live real far from you and I've been finding that my bees haven't been touching the patties for quite a while now. I think there's enough pollen out there, at this point, that they'll only...
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    Re: New Keeper 1st Week Two Hives

    I'm glad I could help. I don't mind at all if you post more questions but I'd recommend you post them for everyone. I'm actually quite new to all of this as well (only about a month ahead of you)...
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    Re: The hardest thing for a new Bee Keeper?

    I am one of those people who can hardly even go to the bathroom without doing doctoral type research first so, of course, I did a pathological amount of studying for almost a full year before I got...
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    Re: New Keeper 1st Week Two Hives

    I agree that the feeder should be in the top deep and, by all means, fill it before you leave but I wouldn't stress over it.

    We're getting a late spring here too so I know how frutstrating it is...
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    Re: New Keeper 1st Week Two Hives

    1 & 2) This time of year they will need the space of both deeps for brood...and some stored honey...but mostly brood. It is only in the fall, after brood production has slowed down, that you will...
  14. Re: mosquito repellents for yard safe for honey bees

    It shouldn't harm them as long as you're not spraying them directly. Just stand a ways away while you're applying it. It's a repellent not a pesticide so they should be fine.
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    Re: Want to get started the right way

    We have a LOT of people running TBH's in my area. At the beginner workshop I went to there were 16 people and I think the instructor and I and one other person were the only ones running Langs. If...
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    Re: Post Your Bloom Dates - 2011


    Never thought I'd be so happy to see it!
  17. Re: Delayed Queen Release - Too Cold?? How Long??

    I think mid-50s will be fine. I picked up my package on a mid 30-degree snowy day here and they recommended I go ahead and install that day as long as there was no wind.
  18. Re: Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but?

    I've never heard that rain "washes away" nectar and pollen.

    I HAVE heard it said that, if you get a lot of rain, not just rain a little bit every day rain but steady rain...the nectar in the...
  19. Re: What's the better option - night install or wait till next day?

    HAHAHA....LOL...Love it! We did consider prying off the screen but there was so many darned staples plus I was feeling all squeemish about reaching through the ticked off bees to get the queen cage....
  20. Re: What's the better option - night install or wait till next day?

    If these are your first packages let me tell you a little story of my first package:

    We started the installation process at 3:00 in the afternoon with temps in the upper 40s and falling. I had...
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    Re: Only honey in my hive??

    I'm even more new at this than you are so take me with a grain of salt but, the way I understand it, lots of honey and no brood is a tell-tale sign of being queenless.
  22. Re: Confused about foundations and frame types.

    There is an old beekeeper in my area who has recently taken a liking to the 7 5/8 boxes. He said that when he called Dadant to order them they warned him, "Now you realize this is an odd size,...
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    Re: Hello from Western Wisconsin

    I checked in on my bees on Friday and they were looking much better. They had some comb drawn out w/ eggs. There was a huge piece of wild comb hanging from the queen cage that I wasn't able to get...
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    Re: Hello from Western Wisconsin

    I thought I was all prepared w/ sugar water and pollen patties too. It turns out apparently they won't touch either one unless you have temps consistantly in the 50s at a bare minimum. At this...
  25. Re: Accidental Beekeeper-Sort of long intro about what happened last night!

    This is an amazing story! Welcome and thanks for sharing!

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