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  1. Thank you both very much

    Hey thanks for getting back to me on the bees! I was hoping it may not be too late. It is also good to hear that I should not really expect a whole lot of return by this fall, but lean more on 2010...
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    What part of mid Tenn?

    I just signed up myself and we are in the exact same spot, my wife and I are wanting to get started, so if you run across any good advice let know know. We are in West TN just outside of Martin, TN...
  3. Hello & I am currently clueless about bees - I need help getting started

    Hi my name is Andy, my wife Ellie and I live on a diversified livestock & crop operation in West TN. We currently raise 1500 hogs inside, cattle, meat goats and a few hens for eggs. We raise...
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