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    Re: TBH Top Bar Dimension question

    You may need to consider spacers between the bars (or glue the spacers to the bars). My bars are 2 sizes: 1 3/8 and 1 5/8. They bees build brood and honey comb on both, although they are supposed...
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    Re: Nuc entrance disc

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    Re: Where to put pollen patty in tbh

    I just put it on the screened bottom board and they eat it just fine.
  4. Re: ways to keep bees warm in a tabletop display hive for a 3 day weekend

    I thought I'd let you know how it turned out. 2 days prior to the event, we got an unheard of 8" of snow. I was glad that I had put the bees in the display hive the day before when it was 40...
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    Re: Help buying a Top Bar Hive

    2 other things I forgot to mention: The hive should be at least 40" long. I like them a bit longer at 45" so there is room for feeders, etc. A first year colony might not fill up the entire box,...
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    Re: Help buying a Top Bar Hive

    You will have lots of fun with the topbar hives. I started in 2013, with only TBHs, and now I'm up to 5 hives and I teach a monthly class for other gardeners who are interested in the topbar hive. ...
  7. Re: Question about buying "RAW" Honey and "Real Bee Pollen" ..

    I only strain my honey through a pasta sieve and you don't normally see any particles floating in that honey. Most beekeepers use a much finer sieve. As for the pollen, once the bees collect the...
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    Re: what to leave

    The answer to that depends on where you live and how harsh your winters are. Here in the southeast, not many. This winter, I wished they had put up more; but they are eating the fondant and sugar...
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    Re: Pollen Pricing I don't buy it for the "organic" status. It's clean and still soft pellets when I get it, so I think they really do put it in the freezer right away. ...
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    Re: Bees like sugar more than honey?

    my bees ate the sugar bricks over the winter and left the capped syrup stores. I'm ok with that as I'd prefer they use the capped stores to feed their early spring brood which is just now starting...
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    Re: Pollen Pricing

    sorry, don't have an answer for you Adam, but I want to follow this thread. I buy a 1# package out of CA for $15 that is supposedly from a treatment-free, "organic" apiary. I'd much prefer to get...
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    Re: R sugar bricks supposed to be soft

    mine were soft, but they didn't fall apart when touched. Now that they have been in the hive a month, they are much harder.
  13. Re: Making nucs with Pseudo strips until having a queen

    I believe Michael Bush has said it depends on the number of "touches" the bees make on it. I use them, but it's never for more than 3 days so I can't say how long.
  14. Re: ways to keep bees warm in a tabletop display hive for a 3 day weekend

    The tent is outside, but they have heaters. So "room temperature" might be 50 degrees. There is plenty of ventilation holes along the sides, so I don't think that will be an issue. Until I see how...
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    Re: middle or end?

    Not sure what part of NY you are in, but if you get your package while it's still a bit cold, you should start them in the center so the ends can act as a bit of a buffer. Make sure you use the...
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    Re: Need a Queen Bee ASAP

    look up the phone number for and call and explain your situation. They may be willing to send you one now, even though their website says they don't have any. They...
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    Re: Dr. Mangum's Top bar length

    You are welcome.

    His book wouldn't be my first choice for a topbar hive. Don't get me wrong, it's a good book, but not a "beginners book". I've seen Phil Chandlers book at my local library, so...
  18. ways to keep bees warm in a tabletop display hive for a 3 day weekend

    I'd like to hear your suggestions on how I can keep a small colony of bees "warm" while they are at an educational show next weekend. It's a small colony, only 3 bars. Probably only 2 have brood in...
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    Re: Dr. Mangum's Top bar length

    I have his book. The bars are 19" long so that they can fit a Lang if needed. His hive body width is 17.5 inches
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    Re: Wax the bars or not?

    beeswax on the side of the hive wall sure does make it smell like home, if you don't have a piece of comb to put in there. I waxed my bars on my first hive, and then scraped them clean so the bees...
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    Re: top bar mentor?

    Welcome! I hope you have purchased Les Crowder and Christy Hemenway's books of topbar hives. I also have Wyatt Mangum's but didn't find it as useful for my first year. I also bough Michael Bush's...
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    Re: Methods to Combat Hive Beetles

    bkwoodsbees, glad to hear you are also promoting DE on the IPM board. I started doing it last year and found it to be very effective in controlling the SHB population.

    I get my DE from the garden...
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    Re: Eastern shore of va

    Gloucester, VA is a great place to keep bees! Many in the Colonial Beekeepers group live up there. I do have to say that it's not on the true Eastern Shore though. Route 17 (the main way to get to...
  24. Re: Spring Planning NewBee needs lots of help (colony collaps )

    Welcome to Beesource, Todd. I'm from Muskegon myself, but moved to warmer parts when I was a little girl. Still enjoy going back to Muskegon in the summers.

    I think you can probably use the old...
  25. Re: Small cluster + Negative Temps = Indoors?

    Try and put them in the coldest part of your house. An unheated porch or room is better than a 68 degree room. If the bees get too busy, they will go through more food stores. I ended up moving my...
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