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  1. Re: Announcing: The Calgary Top Bar Hive - A Top Bar Hive for Northern Climates

    As well as any of my other hives - of which I have multiple types.

    I generally try not to count until April 1, though.

    Anything can happen.
  2. Announcing: The Calgary Top Bar Hive - A Top Bar Hive for Northern Climates
  3. Re: Yet another imbalance caused by feeding sugar - - robbing of hives with honey?

    I've heard that it's a shortage of smug, sanctimonious new beekeepers that is contributing to bee decline.

    Keep up the good work. Only *you* can save the bees.
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    Re: Why I don't consider using treatments.


    Thank you.

    Do you have a sense of how many beekeepers there are near you, say within a 2 mile radius?

    Known to be many? Virtually none? Possibly a few?

    What is your...
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    Re: Wintering on light or dark comb

    Well at least someone in this thread appreciates my bon mots!
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    Re: Wintering on light or dark comb

    The fact that he's retired should be enough to arouse suspicion.

    Disregard his advice, lest it lead to your own retirement.

    If it was working for him, he'd still be working bees.

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    Re: Downfall of Bee Culture (vs. ABJ)

    "Bee culture" is an 1800's term synonymous with "Bee keeping".

    One could also read it as "Bee Cultivation".

    It does sound a bit frivolous in a modern context, where culture consists of...
  8. Re: Something needs to change - looking for suggestions

    Two years is the line that divides true miticide-free beekeeping, and neglectful beekeeping.

    To get a colony to survive longer than 2 years without miticides requires an "A" game, some luck,...
  9. Re: Anyone check winter cluster status with a stethoscope?

    I have played with this using an automotive stethescope, which comes in the form of a 12" wand.

    The wand is perfect for inserting into entrances.

    I found the practice to be very vulnerable to...
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    Re: Top Bar Hive Books and/or courses

    I've read every KTBH-related book I could get my hands on going back 30 years.

    I find Chandler's deficient, in that misrepresents many issues in order to paint top bar hives in a more positive...
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    Re: What are your plans and goals for 2014?

    I've decided to start treating my bees for mites.


    Having have demonstrated to myself that I can do my own loss replacement, increase survival rate, and ultimately increase colony count...
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    Re: Has anyone tried this?

    My own are bars are 1 3/8, and the gap is 1/4" wide. I alternate between normal and "open" bars, as two side by side would make 1/2", which is undesirable.

    I've determined that they also act as a...
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    Re: Has anyone tried this?

    Before I read your message, I knew the answer to your question was yes.

    Behind us is a long heritage of innovators, and creating something that hasn't been considered before is an elusive...
  14. Re: Canola Oil spray versus Verroa mites. Does it really work? Watch video.

    Does one really need to be a "Seasoned bee master" to put on their thinking cap?

    We see a video of a man stating that he sprays oil on his bees to control mites.

    Other than his own claim,...
  15. Re: Does anyone use phenology to time hive management events?

    Esoteric terminology for standard practice aside, I just use beekeeping.
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    Re: rehab an old Maxant 3100H

    In general, I don't wash mine, and if I do, I disassemble the basket assembly first. Washing and leaving assembled with result in rust/damage.

    You will be hard pressed to find Food grade lube...
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    Re: Quilt Box?

    The Vivaldi looks like a good product. It is just one of the many variations of quilt.

    It may not be readily available to some, or some may feel they can build better and/or cheaper.

    If you...
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    Re: Quilt Box?

    Well thank you! There are a few more on my site, and more in the pipe:‎

    You make a good point. I used #8 Hardware Cloth myself, and my suggesting Aluminum...
  19. Re: Top Bar Hives Now Legal in New Zealand

    I'm of the opinion that the perceived difference between top bars and frames overemphasized.

    Top bars still require the building of parallel, separated combs.

    The lack a bottom bar and...
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    Re: Quilt Box?

    I would consider quilts necessary, and have them on every hive I run. In the winter, I fill with leaves for the insulation/wicking, and in the summer, I empty the leaves and they act as an air...
  21. Re: Observation Hive possible during a MN winter???

    You wouldn't be able to populate your hive in the winter, but you certainly can get started building it.

    All of my Langs are outdoor Langstroth observation hives.

    I call the design the "Bowness...
  22. Poll: Re: Is your Top Bar hive your first beehive?

    Top bar keepers so frequently contrast examples of Langstroth keeping done badly to highlight the virtues of the Kenyan Top bar hive.

    This is the cornerstone of Phil Chandler's sales pitch.
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    Re: Thinking about a long hive.

    Below are pictures of Observation Longhives I built. I call it the "Langstrough hive".

    It is the equivalent of 3 deeps, and is supered with mediums.

    The second picture shows the hive being...
  24. Re: Contemplating cutout, but some bees acting strange.

  25. Re: Treatment-Free, Winter 2012-2013, How's it going?

    CCD is characterized by the disappearance of foragers, not all bees.

    Absence of bees in the hive is indicative of absconding.
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