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    Re: Dogs and Beehives?

    I had a beagle that would stick his nose in the entrances all the time and take a deep sniff, bees never bothered him and I guess he liked the smell of a hive since he did it at least once a day...
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    Re: Colony Losses In The Southeastern States

    Lost 17 out of 37 here but some were from late cutouts and were kind of iffy when going into winter. I lost 5 hives that have been going since 2006.
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    Re: Rapid Expansion

    ilikebs, your 141 mi. northwest of me. I look at doing splits the same way I look at planting tomatoes in our area. I never do either before Derby Day! :D I at least like to wait till dandelions are...
  4. Poll: Re: Are nails/staples enough for frames or do they also need glue as well.

    I glue and nail mine.
  5. Re: Newbee requested to remove swarm. What now?

    I use a 20' extension pole and a modified 5 gal. water cooler jug for swarm catching. it's easy to make, Cut the bottom out of the jug then add a way to screw it onto the pole, I use an old paint...
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    Re: Eco Wood Treatment

    Melanie, I put them together first then use an outer cover as a tray for dipping the bodies in. It works great and takes very little time to get 50 hive bodies done. I only dip them deep enough to do...
  7. Re: should I feed sugar syrup along with protein patties?

    I'm in KY also, we haven't had the sustained temps for liquid feeding yet. It's best not to feed until you have sustained temps in the 50's. You might be able to feed inside the hive at cooler temps...
  8. Re: What could the bees be bringing into the hive this time of year?

    Possibly Elm pollen, Elms have light gray pollen and are usually a little earlier than Maples here in KY.
  9. Thread: cutout

    by Sharpbees

    Re: cutout

    If they really want them out and no one else will bother, I'd charge at least $50 to at least cover some of your hive costs ( I do this professionally and charge much more than that ). I prefer to...
  10. Re: Give Honey to Charity, Food Pantry, PBS Auction?

    Hunters are allowed to donate game to mission kitchens and we can donate honey also, they are happy to get it. I sell honey but also donate a percentage of my harvest to a local food pantry and as...
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    Re: Significant Other.

    My wife was helping but became allergic last year. She still goes with me on removals but that's just so there will be someone there in case of emergency. My daughter helps me now when she's out of...
  12. Thread: Caucasian

    by Sharpbees

    Re: Caucasian

    Caucasian do have longer tongues, they are huge propolis gatherers. They will actually build their own entrance reducers with propolis. That's why they are very seldom used by most beekeepers.
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    Re: Is 58 warm enough to inspect?

    They'll be testy but yes you can get in the hive. I wouldn't mess around in the brood nest but you can definitely add frames of honey.
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    Re: Economical honey heater.

    I use the same thing only I use a small forced air thermostatically controlled heater and set the hive bodies on a bottom board to give the air a way to circulate. Set down the bottom board, set...
  15. Thread: BEE Addict

    by Sharpbees

    Re: BEE Addict

    I became beedicted 7 years ago. I have slowly but steadily fed my beediction with money I make from my hives. Unlike in my younger wilder days when I was partying beyond my means I do not spend money...
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    Re: Dumb question?

    I tried this with an old hive when I started keeping bees, you really can't see anything since the bees don't work next to the window much. I had a window on the side and one in the end but the bees...
  17. Re: Failed Cortisone injections, considering apitherapy

    If your going to try it the video Art of the Sting is a pretty good reference video to start with. Like mentioned above Pat Wagner's book How Well are You Willing to Bee is also a good reference....
  18. Re: Is apitherapy specifically for chronic pain?

    The doctors use apitherapy when giving allergy shots to desensitize people to bee stings. That's probably the most common use. Do stings help arthritis, mine seems to do better after getting stung....
  19. Re: How much can be extracted in 1 day with a motorized 6 frame extractor?

    As much as you can uncap. The uncapping is usually my bottle neck. I can do 300 lbs in a day with a 2 frame manual extractor.
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    Re: Will bee's consume Icing ?

    Will they eat it? Yes. Is it good for them? It's according to what it has in it. Some ingredients can give the bees dysentery.
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    Re: Question about using honey

    Yes it is usable.
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    Re: Nicot queen rearing system or graft?

    I tried Dadant's EZ queen system which is a modified form of the nicot system, it works if you raising just a few queens and you could get 30 queens in a season easy enough. Once I got past the...
  23. Re: Dogs and kids, where do I place my hives?

    I have 20 hives in my back yard within 50 ft of my house and have no problems when the grand kids are here. I also had a beagle that apparently liked the smell in the hive because he would stick his...
  24. Thread: Dadant

    by Sharpbees

    Re: Dadant

    Burns375 No, Larry lives about a mile from me. He's the person that got me interested in bees when I did the addition on his house several years ago. I guess like me you found cheaper isn't always...
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    Re: What is your loss percentage so far?

    4 out of 40 so far. The negative temps kept them from getting to their stores, all 4 still had supers full. Broke them down and put any stores left on other hives. These were late cutouts and didn't...
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