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  1. Re: Adjustable head band of woven mesh sun helmet

    Thats the one. I dislike the headband in them. Uncomfortable and brittle.
  2. Re: Adjustable head band of woven mesh sun helmet

    Good question! I have 2 of these hats with the plastic head band and like you I have duct tape holding them togeather. I don't find that plastic real comfortable on my bald head either. I like the...
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    Re: Queen rearing PNW

    I live north of Seattle in Lake Stevens. My favorite months for queens are June and July. May can be good but is a gamble with the weather for mating flights.

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    Re: Double Nuc Box Feeder Advice Needed

    I've purchase the epoxy lined ones Palmer speaks of at Home Depot for about $6.
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    Re: water spray vs smoker

    I also agree with merince.
  6. Re: The 'queen excluder' synonymous with a 'honey excluder!'

    Point taken Ian. I guess I can be taught something. I just had to pull it out of you:D. Thank you.

    Bernard, thanks for sharing your process. It helps with my understanding (or lack...
  7. Re: The 'queen excluder' synonymous with a 'honey excluder!'

    Thanks Ian, that was a great description of your process.
    Since you are shrinking down to single brood box during spring expansion, do you run into more swarming issues? Is 1 box enough room for...
  8. Re: The 'queen excluder' synonymous with a 'honey excluder!'

    Used, as in past tense?
    I "used" them to keep the queen from laying in the supers. At the time I gave them a try I was running about 30 hives. I did have the occasional queen get into the first...
  9. Re: The 'queen excluder' synonymous with a 'honey excluder!'

    Hmm, I was hoping you had some "magic" to share.
    I understand the purpose of the excluder and like I said I didn't have a negative experience with them. There just (for me) wasn't enough benefit to...
  10. Re: The 'queen excluder' synonymous with a 'honey excluder!'

    I've read and researched plenty over the years and searched these forums plenty. Lack of information isn't the problem and I get that there are tons of opinions and pros and cons. When a statement is...
  11. Re: The 'queen excluder' synonymous with a 'honey excluder!'

    Hey Ian,
    Can you elaborate on "how to use it". My first few years in beekeeping I never tried them. Then I tried them for a couple of years and now the last few years have decided they weren't for...
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    Re: Carmax Superbowl Ad

    There was no doubt in MY mind the Seahawks Defense would win the game for them..........I had no idea they would spank them in all phases though. Denver would have lost to a couple of the other NFC...
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    Re: Oxalic acid application Sprayer vs Vaporizer

    That is the procedure we've followed for the last 2 seasons. Last week I treated about 100 colonies located in 4 yards in about 3 hours. One person opens the hive the other 1 sprays. Each hive takes...
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    Poll: Re: Screen BottomBoard on TBH..Opinions

    About 5 or 6 years ago I tried screened bottoms on 4 of my 8 TBH's. Of those 4, 2 died in winter and the other 2 were slower to build up in spring compared to the solid bottom board hives. Also, the...
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    Re: Coons..Do they present PROBLEMS?

    Last summer I was having some trouble with lids being removed from a few of my hives during the night in my home yard. I use standard bricks on top and they were pushed off and the lids were laying...
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    Re: Drone congregation area

    jrbbees hit on some of the things I've heard about. We had a speaker at our club last year that stated (I don't remember specifics) that the landscape features that create DCA's are so similer that...
  17. Re: Are you trying to introduce more genetic variety to your apiaries?

    Each year I buy a few queens from new sources. I don't breed from that stock until I see the traits I want through the summer and verify how she winters.

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    Re: Best place to buy a 5-gal bucket warmer?

    I do the same thing as Charlie B. It works great!
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    Re: Nucs - Perfect strength at Sale?

    Great question to ask. I wish everyone with the intent on selling nucs would do so with the same forethought.
    For the last 2 years I have purchased 5 spring nucs from the same individual. All of...
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    Re: Newbie Top Bar Questions

    I live in Wa state also, just north of you in the Everett area. I've been keeping bees in "Chandler size" TBH's for 9 years. The biggest issue we have with TBH's is the moisture in the hives during...
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    Re: Crazy bee and crazy beekeepers

    A few years ago I saw pics of a colony set up in a tree. The pics poster didn't want to remove it since it was so late in the year. He was curious if they could make it through the winter in that...
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    Re: 2 to 1 syrup...wrong mixture?

    It would be interesting to know his source of information.

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    Re: Mad Honey Disease

    I live in Wa state and we have rhody bushes everywhere as well. I have heard of the "poisoned" honey before and had many discussions with other local beeks and no one has ever heard of a case of...
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    Re: OTS Queen Rearing

    I've been using the OTS method for 3 years now. If I am making splits to avoid swarming OTS is my prefered method and given me great results. The only downside is it is difficult to rear alot of...
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    Re: Mite checks and treatments in Nucs?

    All of my nucs are created with queen cells. With the break in brood I do not treat them in August. I do however treat them all in December with oxalic acid.
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