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    Re: I've got 1600 lbs of honey, now what?

    Be patient if you want to bottle it and sell it you can build up a customer base. I give a small bottle to people now and then and tell them the first bottle is free. Many come back and buy a qt. or...
  2. Re: I see pollen, does that mean nectar is flowing too?

    If there is alot of activity other then the pollen foragers it is a good bet they could be bringing in nectar also. The bees in my area are bringing in alot of pollen first part of the day then start...
  3. Thread: Requeen?

    by sterling

    Re: Requeen?

    Your older queen may just be slow because there is not much to gather and thats what they do when forage gets scarce.
  4. Re: Advice needed for combining young Nuc with Queenless Hive

    Take an empty drawn brood frame out of hive with no brood put it in with laying machine queen and let her fill it with eggs then put it back in broodless hive with young queen. will boost hive and...

    I'm in the process of extracting and so far have extracted over 400 medium frames mostly foundationless and a lot of them are this years drawn comb. I use a Maxant 20 frame radial. I have had only...
  6. Re: Waiting for supercedure queen but now all the honey is gone! Still no brood, Help

    It would a good idea to put the frame with open brood in there as soon as you can. And put some feed on also. You should know in a couple days if they have a queen because if they don't they will...
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    Re: Pounds vs Gallons-

    I weigh the first few mediums supers of honey every year after I extract and on average medium frames are 3.5 # some thick some thin but average 3.5# of extracted honey.
  8. Re: going to try to remove bees off the supers with my handheld blower

    So you think it is kinder or what to blow them to the ground, I'm sure it doesn't hurt them, then to put a little stinky stuff on top for a few minutes?
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    Re: Splitting a new hive

    Splitting a hive that weak and letting them make a queen is a streach. If you split them you would be better off giving them a laying queen. It takes about seven weeks to get new brood from a split...
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    Re: Tenn/Ky question

    I use the moth crystals but I don't put the supers in plastic bags. I just stack the supers on a peice of plywood as high as I can reach and put the crystals in the top box and put an outer cover on...
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    Re: One deep or two?

    Where you live the choice is yours. Double deeps will work so will a single deep with shallows or mediums so will all mediums 8 or 10 frame. I don't live far from Hendersonville and have hives with...
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    Re: The newest issue

    I would go with your five frame nuc plan. If you feed them some and the queen is good they should build up good. You can make decisions on whether you need to combine or not in the fall.
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    Re: question about burr/cross comb removal

    Some bees build bridge comb more then others. I only remove it if is in the way of removing a frame or is in the way of putting a frame back in. The beekeepers idea of how the bees house should be...
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    Re: queenless hive

    You could have started a nuc with three frames of brood and one of the queens you ordered.
  15. Re: What price to charge for strong beehives I have to sell?

    In my area Nashville Tn people get $250 for a ten frame deep hive complete. If I were you and had to sell I would split into ten frame hives add a queen to the half that needs it and sell them like...
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    Re: Splitting Hives

    Do you still have a flow going on? If so why would you want to split a strong hive during the flow? If not you can do a walk away split. Give them a queen or not either way can work. But again I...
  17. Re: Queenless after swarm - what would you do?

    you can let them get a queen form one of the queen cells or you can take the frame with the queen cells put it in the nuc and take the queen out of the nuc and give to the big hive. I had about he...
  18. Thread: Queen release

    by sterling

    Re: Queen release

    Put a frame from one of your other packages with a few eggs into the one that doesn't have a queen that will hold them till you get back. They can start queen cells. And if you get a queen before the...
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    Re: Saw first live swarm

    I understand the humor. It may just be Ace who didn't.
    BTW I liked the picture you posted of your bees on another thread. They are different then the bees I'm used to seeing.
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    Re: Hive inspection-tell me whats going on

    I would let them raise their queen and she will mate with the local drones so you will have local bees.
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    Re: Can I use a Nuc box now?

    You can start a nuc in Tn. with two med frames of brood this time of the year if you give them a laying queen and they will build up good enough before winter. But the packages need to be stronger...
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    Re: Putting new supers on

    I have done it both ways and my experience with it has been if they are working a super they will pretty much finish the one they are on before they go to another super. Whether above or below. I...
  23. Re: How long can you store a full honey super?

    For now just put it on top as has already been said. You will not have to lift the supers off full. When you get ready to harvest them take out one frame at a time brush the bees off the frame put it...
  24. Re: Foundationless comb between drawn frames - ??

    It looks good to me also. My eyes ain't working right again I guess.
  25. Re: How long will a queenless hive go before a laying worker issue???

    If you have capped queen cells in the hive you don't really need to put a frame of brood in there especially if the hive is strong. But if you do it really doesn't matter if you shake the bees off or...
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