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    Re: Swarm caught in my truck ... now what?

    When moving bees, make sure they have fresh air ventilation. I only close mine up if they have screen bottom boards. If solid boards, i only close them with 1/8 hardware cloth wire.
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    Re: Foraging Habits

    foraging preferences...
    High sugar content, or percentage of sugar content. Higher sugar, more prefered.
    Distance from hive, the closer the better.
    Flowers put out nectar by temperature. Some...
  3. Thread: Why Beekeep?

    by RayMarler

    Re: Why Beekeep?

    I keep a few hives because of my facination of working with and learning the workings of a complex superorganism. I'm hooked, and have been for a couple decades.
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    Re: Update on split up ready to swarm hive

    They can make queens of their own from 2 day old larva, which is 5 full days from egg lay. So in your situation, they can make queens of their own through the end of tomorrow, Monday, or maybe into...
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    Re: Nurse bees bear hugging queen cage

    Sounds to me like they hate the queen, they want to raise one of their own instead. I would tape that queen in, keep checking for queen cells every three days and destroy them. Once you see no more...
  6. Re: Open the hive early morning/early evening?????

    I find the hive to be calmer and easier to work in the late afternoon/early evening, after all the orientation/cleansing flights have been completed and before all the afternoon field forces have...
  7. Thread: Full nuc

    by RayMarler

    Re: Full nuc

    I think I would put the super on and wait for them to start drawing it out. Once they got it started, I'd put the new deep on the bottom, then your current deep of brood nest, then put on an excluder...
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    Re: Question about a split

    Shake some nurse bees into the split, bees from open brood frames. The queen stopped laying because she has no nurse bees to raise brood now. When making splits, I try to give frames of sealed brood...
  9. Re: 2 capped queen cells. Should I do something?

    With only 2 cells and sounding like they still have room for brooding and storage, I think I'd just leave them alone and watch the outcome. I think chances are high that they are just replacing the...
  10. Re: The theory that bees start building comb where the queen cage is.

    If you have a feeder on, then I think they start building the comb closest to the entrance of the feeder. Did you by chance have an upper feeder with access to it from the center of the hive box?
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    Re: How do YOU harvest brood for mating nucs?

    If I had enough hives for resources, here is how I might do it.
    Take an empty box with me and remove frames of mostly older open larva and put in the box. Set that box on top of a strong single box...
  12. Re: My plan to a introduce virgin queens of another strain

    I myself would not let the nucs sit orphaned for 6 days. I would make them up in the morning, and give the virgins to them that night, or the next morning. I think letting them sit for 6 days...
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    Re: Dead Queen - Early Season

    I agree, I would let the cells emerge and mate. They are capped, so they'll be emerging in 8 days or less, so you should have a laying queen in 2 - 3 weeks. With dandelions blooming, I'll wager there...
  14. Thread: Advice

    by RayMarler

    Re: Advice

    Yes, leave it there until the bees are all in. Once they are in, move it home at dark. If they don't go in, then you don't have the queen. If they all go in, then the queen is in also. Good luck!
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    Re: Swarms and Honey

    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on the area you are keeping the hives and the strength of the swarm and the quality of the queen.
  16. Re: Needing a queen and possible need to combine.

    The only problem you might have that I can see from what you've said is what if there is a virgin queen in there? If there is, your purchased queen might be at risk, so keep an eye on them. If you...
  17. Re: Help, think hive has laying workers or drone laying queen.

    Do you see the new queen in it? If not, it's most likely laying workers. If it was me and I saw the new queen then I'd let them be a bit and see what happens. If I did not see the new queen, then I'd...
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    Re: Does a big hive smell kinda bad?

    Sometimes coming out of winter in the early spring the hives do have a musty mouldy smell to them. It goes away as weather warms and bee population expands. Perhaps this is what is happening in your...
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    Re: My swarm queen

    She looks good, and her attending entourage is telling me she's a good one. A very good pic you have there showing a strong queen.
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    Re: how to Increase Bee population

    Keep varroa mite loads under control. Start checking and treating if needed by the end of July or very first of August. I treat mine at the end of July and in October again if needed.

    Feed pollen...
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    Re: thought my hive was getting robbed

    Each afternoon, near the hottest part of the day, the bees perform orientation and cleansing flight. This is when it's safest to leave the brood so the bees that are now 10 days old fly out and do...
  22. Re: No longer works for my for mobile android devices.

    Awhile back, chat room was downgraded, and Java was upgraded, so chat room no longer works with mobile devices, as far as I can tell.
  23. Re: How do you keep yourselves out of the hives?

    I agree with others, get more hives.
    Also, have you considered an observation hive?
  24. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    Read the combs with the sun behind you, just like reading a book. It keeps the light out of your eyes and into the cells so you can read the story more clearly.
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    Re: Bees working Oleander

    I have oleanders here. I've never seen the bees on it, except for in a very dry dearth when NOTHING else was in bloom, and even then, they were only on the white bloomed plants, not the red or pink...
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