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  1. Re: Hello from Space Place Huntsville, Al

    Hi Chris,

    I am interested in several things about being a beekeeper. I understand I need to check out local laws and such. THe lots in my neighborhood are very small city lots, only 65'. I do...
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    Re: fail!!!!! dont do this

    I recently read an article where a professional bee removal company removed bees just that way, with a vac. Then the bees were place in his yard, as the story goes, the bees were doing well.
  3. Hello from Space Place Huntsville, Al

    Glad to be on the forum and to learn from those that have experiences to share.
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    Space for bees

    Good morning, I have many questions about beekeeping. I so believe beekeeping could singly be saving the planet. So, here goes a topic. If you and your neighbors only have a 65' wide lot here in...
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