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  1. Re: All plastic frames vs wood frames with plastic foundation

    Also I have to say I leaned through trial and error that if you decide to go with plastic make all the hive plastic, otherwise the bees tend to be very reluctant to draw out the plastic foundation.
  2. Re: All plastic frames vs wood frames with plastic foundation

    Last year I needed around a thousand new frames so after running the numbers I found it was cheaper to purchase all plastic frames, so I purchased mostly all plastic and a few wooden frames with...
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    Re: Questions about this feeding method

    Turns out this would be a bad idea…

    I spoke with the folks at the University of Nebraska and the “other” ingredients other than sugar would give the bees digestive problems and mostly like...
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    Questions about this feeding method

    Has anyone used a factory waste product for fall and spring feeding?
    I have a small food plant only about 45 min away that will sell me their mix that spills on the floor for very cheap, I...
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    Re: Problem Bear...Not Now (Graphic Pics)

    Bears can be a major nuisance; I am impressed that NY State allows the permanent removal of bears.
    In other states such as Florida beekeepers aren’t so lucky, the state takes the view that the...
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