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  1. Thread: Queen cells

    by Moon

    Re: Queen cells

    So, the other day I had 15 grafted cells that were 5-6 day old grafts. Cells were really well drawn out, plenty of food in the queen cell cup, felt good about them. I think 12 were capped, and...
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    Re: 1st Queen cells in Starter/Finisher

    1.5" from what? The edge of the jzbz cup, the length of just the wax cell, length from the cell bar?
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    Re: Mite control in Drone Saturation Colonies

    And how does this help or answer the question?

    I honestly don't know MTN-bees since I don't use colonies setup for drone saturation but I imagine removing drones and freezing them would be counter...
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    Re: Honey Extraction Equipment

    See if you can find some commercial beekeepers in your area and hit them up. I've got one a few hours from me and they've been the most amazing people to work with. Have helped me out immensely and...
  5. Re: Have new Queens, can't hive for 4 more days, is this okay?

    So as an update to this, I went out and released 7 of 8 Queens today which would be a total of 3 days later. All 7 were accepted no problem. The eighth Queen had Queen cells drawn out in the nuc I...
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    Re: Wyoming Beekeepers Association Winter Meeting

    Look up Bryant Honey in Worland. I believe the owner is the president.
  7. Re: Have new Queens, can't hive for 4 more days, is this okay?

    Ok, so here's what I ended up doing. Last night I taped some Q-tips to the front of the queen cages and put four drops of water on each Q-tip. I repeated this about every six hours.

  8. Re: Have new Queens, can't hive for 4 more days, is this okay?

    The kicker is I've got a cell builder that I setup last weekend and I was planning on grafting this weekend. I just rechecked the forecast and tomorrow is supposed to be 46 with cloudy skies and...
  9. Re: Have new Queens, can't hive for 4 more days, is this okay?

    No, I'm not making nucs with them I'm going to split a few hives and requeen a few others.


    As an edit to this, I didn't think about making up nucs/splits ahead of time but it would've...
  10. Re: Have new Queens, can't hive for 4 more days, is this okay?

    Thanks for the reply umchuck. I'm really not worried about them needing feed since they've got Queen candy, maybe I'll give them a drop of tepid water, I'm just concerned about them being caged for 6...
  11. Have new Queens, can't hive for 4 more days, is this okay?

    I had Queens shipped to me on the 25th, received them today. They've got Queen candy in the cage with about 4 attendants each. Weather here is going to be really chilly (mid 40's with wind and...
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    Re: Bees Dying and Convulsing in front of Hive

    I would recommend sending in the samples yourself. I had 3 colonies die abruptly in an apiary last year. All 3 colonies were going strong the week before, building up well, had plenty of stores...
  13. Thread: Grafting %

    by Moon

    Re: Grafting %

    My first was 0%, accidentally transferred a queen into my cell builder or something I can't remember. That was out of 45 cells ( I always do 45 cells at a time, 3 bars with 15 cups). My second...
  14. Re: How much money can a beekeeper make in a year owning 100 hives?

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    Re: Hives are booming and found a queen

    Nice pics nabber, I always like looking at photos of bees or equipment. She's a chubby little brod isn't she? Kind of squat and girthy, you should name her Helga. Maybe you could find someone to...
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    Re: Killed another one

    Ya know, this winter I did this by accident with frame feeders. About half of my overwintered colonies I left 1gal frame feeders in full of sugar syrup and some feeding stimulant and the little...
  17. Re: Midwest beeks ....time to check them (central Illinois)

    I'm a good distance away from all of you guys being in the Mountain time zone but I'm suspecting the same thing. I have a couple of hives that have a lower deep half full of honey and an upper deep...
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    Re: Fast way to grow one nuc to 40 hives

    Mark: Ahh, my mistake. I must not have fully read the OP.
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    Re: 2nd yr beekeeper needs advice

    That's a link to Michael Bush's website which is full of good information and pretty comprehensive on A LOT of beekeeping subjects. If you haven't spent...
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    Re: Fast way to grow one nuc to 40 hives

    Really take this advice to heart because it's good advice. I applaud your ambition and if you move forward trying to do what you're asking about I wish you every bit of success, however; these types...
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    Re: New at queen rearing... please help!

    Just to add my $0.02 to the conversation, I've found this works the best as well. I'll graft dry if I forget the distilled water at home with no difference in acceptance. I like having a little...
  22. Re: What can beekeepers realistically expect with VSH queens?

    I guess I didn't realize this was the case. I'm looking at getting around 4 queens from a VSH breeder down in LA not because I think VSH is the panacea for mites and it's going to fix all my...
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    For any of you new beekeepers (record keeping)

    Keep records.

    This may sound obvious but every year spring rolls around and I start gearing up for the season and every. single. time. I'm extremely lacking on information from last year. If I...
  24. Thread: Thicker supers

    by Moon

    Re: Thicker supers

    This is what I was thinking when I read your initial post about pine being junk. All of my boxes are out of pine and they hold up really well. I live in an extremely arid area though so wood...
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    Re: Weird colony death

    Well, that's a bummer. Thanks for the reply amullins. I've seen a tsmullins on here, an amullins on here and my last name happens to be mullins too. I think we should all meet up somewhere and...
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