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    Re: Got a sting - BAD reaction - advice needed!

    Any info that you might be able to forward would be most appreciated. It has me worried, but since I did not experience the throat swelling, I was hoping it was a bad spider bite or something else....
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    Got a sting - BAD reaction - advice needed!

    I was stung over the weekend, and had a very scary reaction... I need some advice since my doctor was not entirely familiar.
    * I have NEVER had a reaction to a sting other than minor...
  3. Uh - Oh! Wrong size hive box / not enough frames and they are making their own...

    This Newbie is in tall weeds with first hive opening.

    So I have had this hive for a couple weeks, and been gathering up the supplies I need to actually crack it open and see how the bees are...
  4. Just got the hive... already in over my head - Los Angeles,CA

    I just acquired a smal hive that had been used by a local avacado grower as a pollination hive. Done some reading and thought this would be a great way to get started. Well after 3 days, these gals...
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