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  1. questions for users of Mr Bush's top bar hive design

    I am curious if anyone has had issues with bees being able to remove dead bees and debris with the entrance situated on the top.And do you use follower boards with this design? How is a follower...
  2. can opening up the brood nest prevent secondary swarms?

    I just found and collected a big primary swarm from my one main hive.I have not opened up and inspected main hive as it has been windy ,windy,windy and fairly cool for Calif.desert.And figured I had...
  3. will bees stop commiting to swarm due to weather

    I have been reading various articles about bees preparations to swarming as a means of reproduction.My understanding is that this is begun way back in Jan.or even in the fall or early winter...
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    Besides the fact that I seem to end up with pissy...

    Besides the fact that I seem to end up with pissy bees, I like the whole outfit because it makes me more relaxed when working around them.
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    Funny you should be asking about this.Just the...

    Funny you should be asking about this.Just the other day I was thinking along those lines.Not so much as what to do with the signs but did those things affect the behavior of the bees.Mostly I was...
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    Breezy here.Had an overnight low of 22F which...

    Breezy here.Had an overnight low of 22F which nailed alot of the fruit trees that had started flowering.Bees have been mostly hive-bound for last 3 days.But out today and really going for water.
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    Demareeing(is that a verb?)

    My impression from only the reading I have done, is that the brood in the box moved to the top of the hive,above a queen excluder,is too old for them to make into a queen.The brood has to be an egg...
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    Thank-you for responses.I did indeed smoke...

    Thank-you for responses.I did indeed smoke them.They did not get too pissy until I started removing and checking brood frames.
    I have wondered about requeening but how on earth can i get in there...
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    suggestions for angry bees?

    I have a hive of bees in 2 deep brood boxes.On 3/6 I did my 1st of spring check and reversed brood boxes added a queen excluder and 2 shallow supers.The outer frames in both boxes had capped honey...
  10. Greetings from the Eastern edge of California

    I have been in a relationship(can hardly call it beekeeping) with a hive of bees for 6 years.Location is a sagebrushy field at 4000ft in a valley east of the Sierra Nevada mountains of Calif.I...
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