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    Re: How much to harvest?

    what is the worst case? you replace honey with sugar. i havent taken close to that and a lot of mine isn't quite capped or frames are 1/2 capped( i do a bunch of other stuff too besides bees) but...
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    Re: your forum is feeling unfriendly

    I have grown tarantulas, cockroaches was centipede hunting when i came across a bee keeper. kept wild bees for 1st 3 yrs (in az that means some africanized too lol they are cooland have now also...
  3. Re: How does this sound for a plan for re-queening a hive?

    I am going to to do some requeeining ./... 3 part plan ... part 1 check and make split plans for the hots (here in AZ that means Africanized- usurped- strong but mostly evil bees i bought as bunch of...
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    Africanized bees

    I want to talk to people who have had experience with or studied Afrcanized bees at all. I am in AZ and deal with them alot but would still like to start a discussion and think tank here about them.
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