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    Attracting bees to fruit trees

    I just installed a couple of packages in hives located in our small orchard about 2 weeks ago. Lots of good activity and they seem to be doing well. One queen is really working as she already has 4...
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    Couple of questions,

    I am in VT and am a little late in deciding whether to pull of a honey super or not. I am only going through this winter with one hive and want to feed the bees. The hive has 1 deep almost full of...
  3. Re: Installed a nuc 1 week ago, no queen. What to do

    Yes, 2 hives. The one that killed the new queen is really quite weak and won't last long with no brood. I was thinking about getting a nuc for it and installing in the hive. Just don't know if I...
  4. Installed a nuc 1 week ago, no queen. What to do

    I installed a nuc about 1-2 weeks ago. Didn't check real well when installing it as it was pretty cool here in VT so I didn't want to chill them. Come to find out, there was no queen. There are...
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