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    Re: What do bees do on rainy days?

    Hah! I'm just up the Gorge from you, and I was just looking out the window thinking about the 90's predicted this weekend. Probably going to be lots of calls!
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    Re: weak over wintered hive

    I have several that just never started building into the spring. I'll usually give them once chance with a boost of brood, but if the queen just can't make it happen, I pinch her. By now, I'm...
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    Re: Mann Lake Commercial grade deeps

    Like Diogenes said, I'm pretty sure they'll seal up that crack...
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    Re: Beekeeping in 20 years?

    Lord willing, I'll be 58, still repainting the same boxes I'm using today, enjoying the (mostly) good-natured banter on Beesource, hopefully a little closer to understanding the way of the hive!
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    Re: Western Washington Beekeepers 2014

    So far so good here in the Columbia River Gorge! Lost two hives I thought might not make it, and one nuc. A couple I thought were goners are still hanging on. 15 of 18 still alive, flying, but no...
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    Re: What Gets Put into Bee Hives by Humans

    I dropped a hive tool into one (in a row of four) and couldn't for the life of me find it. Found it two months later when picking up the splinter pile after a bear obliterated it. I guess that was...
  7. Queen in a cage! (Above an excluder on a queen-celled hive)

    So I pulled the queen from a swarm I'm newspaper combining, and want to bank her for a few days. I put the cage in a super, above an excluder on a hive with queen cells below. Is she far enough away...
  8. Re: Combining a swarm - hot to get rid of eggs in the super.

    Very true Michael, but it's a veeeery unnatural brood box. :)

    It's atop a double deep hive w/ a super of honey/nectar, and a solid bottom board between it and the hive below. (Bottom to top: ...
  9. Combining a swarm - hot to get rid of eggs in the super.

    So I've been unable to overcome the swarming urges lately, so I've been pulling the queens when is see queen cells - to head off the swarm. I have missed a couple, so I put the swarms in supers and...
  10. Re: Combining queen right and queen less Nuc (side-by-side)

    Thanks Ray - that's what I figured I'd do because A) it makes sense, and B) it's the easiest way to do it... :)

  11. Re: Hive Poisonings in SW Washington: Need Advice

    I'm just up the river in the gorge- I've seen some massive die offs in one location this time of year. I don't have an explanation but it is a pretty secure and remote site which leads me to believe...
  12. Combining queen right and queen less Nuc (side-by-side)

    I did some splits a while back - splitting a double deep into four five-frame nucs after pulling the queen and letting them make cells. Of the four, two were successful and two weren't. I've got...
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    Trap-out mid-swarm?

    Sooooo.... I got a call from my neighbor a week ago, seems a swarm had taken up residence in the wall of his house (old comb he never sealed off after I trapped out last years colony!). Told him I'd...
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    Re: Western Washington Beekeepers

    SW Washington - Columbia River Gorge, 9 double deeps and five overwintered nucs that have been moved into deeps. Can't keep them from swarming - caught w my pants down with regards to enough deeps -...
  15. Anyone run a single deep under a queen excluder?

    So I'm in a bit of a jam - too many swarms and new hives, not enough hive bodies... I generally put this years swarms and splits into double deep 5-frame nucs and winter them for next years...
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    How does swarming progress?

    So I've been having a swarm nightmare lately! Every hive I have is building swarm cells or swarming extremely early because of our great weather this spring. I've started through all my hives and...
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    Transporting a freshly swarmed hive.

    So I have a single deep hive that put out a swarm yesterday. I had a death in the family and hadn't been able to expand the hive before they outgrew it...

    It is in a very isolated location, all...
  18. Re: Anyone ever store their hives in a barn or greenhouse during the winter?

    It seems that optimally, at least in the Pacific NW, you want a cover but keep then open to the outside temps. Anything will work - just something to keep the rain off the top and sides and give...
  19. Re: Running Double Nucs Boxes? How's your 'fit'?

    I ran one double deep Nuc this winter to experiment and its turned out great. Bottom box has a kerf cut and a thin piece of plexiglass slid in, down to the bottom board, and left a half inch tall. ...
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    Re: Look at this Hive Stand

    Libhart, that's the first thing I thought when is started reading this: "bucket reference in 5, 4, 3..." :)
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    Re: Russell Apiaries

    Just got an email confirming the debt owed me and requesting a mailing address. Optimistic!
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    Re: Russell Apiaries

    Shortly after emailing them, they replied to indicate my request is "under review".
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    Re: Russell Apiaries

    Thanks Cam, email sent, fingers crossed!
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    Re: Russell Apiaries

    Ill second Astrobee's request - I've sent emails to the "transfers@..." Address with no response.
  25. Re: what do you all give people for bee yard rent ?

    I've got four outyards, each with 2-6 hives. I generally give out one quart per site, and i refill it over the winter if they need it. One widow just wanted comb honey because she hadnt had any...
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