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  1. Honeybee Christmas Cards for yard owners

    Does anyone have a source for thank you/ Christmas cards in quantity for yard owners, business associates?
    Something in good taste. No Santas, no northern snow scenes; spirit of thanks for many...
  2. Re: I need help designing a pump system for filling inside feeders

    I Just set up syrup pump. I would recommend saving yourself time and get David Bradshaw's already set pump. I would have gotten pump from him if I shipping hadn't been an issue. If you price out the...
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    Re: Super box making on the commercial level

    What's the best glue to use?
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    Re: Hot room bee window

    I've messed with all the above. I just let the bees collect on the window until there's a big enough cluster to bother with. I then soak them down with garden hose. Brush them into plastic corrugated...
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    Re: Sideliners and commercial beeks beware

    This is another example of beekeepers being their own worst enemy. The Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs is not going to more EFFECTIVELY monitor applications. One of my growers who...
  6. Re: Yearly business plan - realistic or not? What else should I account for?

    Just a couple of thoughts based on my own experience.... when I was in my early 20's and just casually thinking about commmercial beekeeping an older, by the way, Wyoming beekeeper urged me to first...
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    Re: Upper midwest beeks???

    Roland, Have been watching your posts last few weeks. Glad to hear of the possible turn around. Jim mentioned alfalfa; I think that's our only hope at this point. I think it was 1988 when Wisconsin...
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    Re: Dead or Alive

    Starved out is sarved out but... has anybody noticed that when bringing bees north 20 years ago it seemed like light bees could just sit there not making a living for m7-10 days and still survive. In...
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    Re: are your bees ready for winter?

    Weather not too awfully abnormal here in Wisconsin. Hard to say what a normal crop is here as the last five years or so just haven't been up to par. Too many non-producers knocking the average down....
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    Best thymol /syrup recipe

    Anybody have an opinion on the best thymol/syrup recipe. The last load I mixed 5 lbs. thymol in 45,000 syrup. Does that sound right? I've heard reports of considerably incresing that mix but then...
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    Sticky: Re: Bulk honey prices and market outlook

    At a recent regional SHA meeting the Sioux staff member was wondering how Sams can get by with marking up the 5 lbers. so little. They just run a tight ship, something Rick wouldn't be opposed to. By...
  12. Re: laying workers above excluder; queen ok below

    Let's not get into an excluder discussion. If you didn't have excluders on you would probably hardly notice it or you would explain it away as a failing queen.
  13. laying workers above excluder; queen ok below

    Between 7 and 10 years ago I consistently saw laying workers above the excluder when the bees were in the citrus. It wasn't any big deal. We would notice it when pulling honey. I would say we would...
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    Re: High Queen loss

    Coming from a veteran of the queen failure club.....absolutely, the last 2 weeks have been rough. Have pullled honey off of 15 yards so far and already this early in the summer...
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    foot valve - pump looses prime

    Hello all,
    Does anyone have any experience in selecting a foot valve for a two foot deep 'pit sump' with a progressive cavity pump. I do have a shut-off valve just above the honey line but the pump...
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    Shannon and Missoura, Thanks for the response....

    Shannon and Missoura,
    Thanks for the response. All my bees go through citrus and as you state are exposed to at least two systemics as well as some exposure to the growers battle with psylliad(sp?)....
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    Speaking of apple polloination has anyone...

    Speaking of apple polloination has anyone experienced an unusally high amount of dead-outs by fall in yards that come out of the apples? Three years running now I'm running about a 40% loss in those...
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