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  1. Re: Cell size on Plastic frames from Kelley??

    The average size of cells for raising worker brood was measured by Abbe Collin in France in 1865, by Langstroth, Doolittle, and C.C. Miller in the U. S. in the 1870-1890s and their measurements gave...
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    Re: hive entrance size

    When the nectar flow begins the bees will work nectar sources, they will not try to rob honey from other hives. How many hives are in your bee yard and what is their strength? If a colony has grown...
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    Re: Clipping Wings

    Clipped queens combined with periodic inspections is an effective swarm control measure. With a clipped queen, and no swarm cells in the colony, no swarm can issue within a 16 day time period. With...
  4. Re: NUC Day 7 am I ready to add another brooding chamber?

    I would put on a second box for the queen to rear brood in. Any box above the one on the bottom board can be called a super. What the upper box/boxes are used for would be better descriptions of...
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    Re: Population explosion and feeding

    You want them to continue to draw comb, it is easier to keep them drawing comb than it is to get them to restart if they stop drawing it. They may stop taking the syrup when the Redbud trees start...
  6. Re: Question Regarding Egg/Brood Source for Queen

    You would need to move the frame in a nuc with enough adult bees to keep the eggs/brood warm.
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    Re: Entrance Guard/Excluder

    The guard slows down workers entering or leaving the hive, drones can't get through the guard and die in the hive or in the wire trying to exit, queens can't exit and will be trapped in the hive with...
  8. Re: First Spring Inspection of Hive: disaster and hive was pretty hot...

    The brood between boxes is usually drone brood, and drones are expendable. You will have done no damage to the colony. Just like Mr.Beeman said, smoke the bees off the broken brood on top of the...
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    Re: Who is NOT small cell but successful?

    I would like to know the answer to the question "how is a small beekeeper going to hold/maintain a treatment free line of bees once they are found?" I have had over the years several queens whose...
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    Re: Carnolian Queen Colors

    The color of Carniolan queens should be all black, or black with small areas of leather color on the first 3 tergites of the abdomen.
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    Re: Who is NOT small cell but successful?

    Oldtimer; I started a Bond Yard in the spring of 2006 with 12 colonies. I have 7 still alive that until last year have had no management other than visual checks of entrance activity. They have...
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    Re: To use or not to use a QUEEN EXLCUDER

    When the main flow is starting and it is time to add surplus honey supers I split the broodnest with an excluder. I make sure the queen is below and all the capped brood is above. I put on the...
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    Re: six entry gate double screen

    If you are making 1 split above a double screen, above the parent colony, the only entrance on the screen that needs to be open is the one in the opposite direction of the parent colony entrance.
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    Re: 9 Frame Natural Comb

    CentralBee; If you plan on using the frames spaced at their design spacing of 1 3/8 inches center to center and the extra space filled with a dummy board, then foundationless would work fine. The...
  15. Re: splitting hive - how far apart should hives be?

    It is handy to have hive placed in pairs for ease in working them. If you want to build a stand, a 2x4x8' and 2 1x4s 8 feet long will construct a double stand 4 feet long. The hives will have about...
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    Re: Timing for adding supers?

    If you put on foundations remember to use all 10 frames until the comb is almost fully drawn, then remove 1 frame and evenly space the 9 remaining frames. The bees will draw the comb "fat" and it...
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    Re: Did you lose any hives this winter

    My winter was not as bad as I expected it to be, but I lost 25% of my nucs. My biggest surprise is how weak those that made it are. Sunny and 60+ temps starting Saturday so things are looking up.
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    Re: Bees Not Foraging

    Have you inspected them, if so, what did you find? Any brood? What is the adult population like? How much of their drawn comb is food, or empty cells? What is the appearance of the adult bees,...
  19. Re: How important is it to leveling your hives?

    What type of feeder do you plan on using? Some styles work best with a level hive. It is not that hard to level a hive, dig down a little here, add a scrap piece of 2x4 there and you have a level...
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    Re: Nuc Entrance Size

    I use bottom entrances and open mesh bottom boards on my 5 frame deep nucs and I have been using an entrance 3/8 x 1 1/4 inches. I would enlarge my entrances to 2 inches wide if I was making new...
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    Re: Mites on Caught Swarm

    When you added capped brood you possibly gave them mites from the donor hive. You can sugar dust with powdered sugar when they are broodless and make a dint in the varroa population because all of...
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    Re: Changing Hive Configuration

    After the weather warms and you have good pollen coming in and the queen laying well in both boxes, I would reverse and put the medium on the bottom board, the original deep on top of the medium and...
  23. Re: Conventional Beekeepers Bashing on Treatment Free Beekeepers

    I was surprised to find that the queens I brought home from my bond yard last siring headed colonies that carried as many varroa mites as my colonies did that were headed by standard commercial...
  24. Re: Using honey foundation as brood foundation

    Often the foundationless comb in surplus honey supers is drawn out with a majority of drone cells. You will just need to look at each comb and decide if it is OK for brood.
  25. Re: Dead bees and brood after cold spells?

    Feeding can cause the queen to lay more eggs than she normally would and then the adults can't properly cover them and they chill. Adults often die before there are enough bees emerging to...
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