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  1. Re: Pamphlets handed out at work - What does Bayer have to do with bees?

    "Insecticides don't kill insects... er... I mean bees..."
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    Re: Too much lemongrass?

    I like to dip a q-tip in it. It gives me a controlled amount. Anything over 4 drops is too much.
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    Re: Bees built 8mm natural comb. Why?

    I have rarely seen some very funky comb. Huge cells. Even cup shaped cells that looked very strange. Usually for honey storage. But generally you don't see a lot of comb that big.
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    Re: Priming cells

    If I can pick it up with the JZ-BZ tool it's bigger than I like a larvae to be for grafting...
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    Re: where are the young bees ?

    >the reason I can't transfer a frame of capped brood is because the receiving hive spreads over 10 frames and there is no place for the 11th frame in the same box

    Grab one of the outside frames...
  6. Re: Safe to do a direct release of the queen?

    >OK - That makes sense. So would it be appropriate to close the bottom board before installation, and then after the hive is established, pull the closer for SHB control?

    I don't have SHB... I...
  7. Poll: Re: If you could start again, what size would you standardise on?

    >I've standardized in double deeps for brood boxes and mediums for everything else.

    ... but that's not standardizing... that's using two different sizes of frames and boxes.
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    Re: what is this in my queen cell?

    I would guess a lesser wax moth larva aka Achroia grisella.
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    Re: swarm control methods

    >"make lots of queens from your most swarm resistant colonies."

    "For years our bee journals have been printing reams of articles on the question of a non-swarming strain of bees. It has always...
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    Re: I think I have some chilled brood.

    AFB kills the larvae AFTER it's capped. EFB kills fairly large larvae. Chilled brood often kills very small larvae or a mixture of sizes.
  11. Re: Top entrance/ migratory cover/ inner cover

    >I was looking on Michael Bush's website and it appears there is no inner cover being used.


    >Just curious before I convert to this type of top. Also since heat is more of a problem...
  12. Re: What's the oldest a larva can be to make a quality queen?

    I'd say my goal is 12 hours. Can a 24 hour larvae work? Yes. 36 hours? I wouldn't graft them but they might be ok.

    There is an old story about three guys who were applying for a job as a stage...
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    Re: Where do lost queens go?

    >where do lost queens tend to go, flying all alone?

    They almost always go back to *A* hive. Sometimes it's not the right hive...

    Next time a queen flies do this:

    o don't move (she will...
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    Re: Should I panic yet?

    >Would it be ok to take a frame from a nuc though?

    Look for a frame that has only a few eggs or a small amount of young larvae and it will not be much of an investment on the part of the nuc. The...
  15. Re: Conventional Beekeepers Bashing on Treatment Free Beekeepers

    Too bad they never offer "prizes" anymore as rewards for research... we got food preservation by canning from a 12,000 franc prize offered by the French military for a way to preserver food for the...
  16. Re: Safe to do a direct release of the queen?

    >>So what's the theory behind the bees absconding from a hive with a screened bottom board?

    Too much ventilation
  17. Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    >They might even have to deal with a bunch of folks who think they're the worst thing to happen in beekeeping since varroa destructor.

    They already are dealing with them... But if someone isn't...
  18. Re: How to kill a package.... Warre style

    > So why should that be the worst place?

    On a cold night they will cluster at the top and abandon her. If you get lucky and don't have a cold night (unlikely in April in Nebraska) she will be...
  19. Poll: Re: If you could start again, what size would you standardise on?

    >I'd be really keen to hear why people don't like anything less than mediums. Is it purely yield and cost, or are there other reasons people don't like the smaller sizes?

    Things available in...
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    Re: Priming cells

    >What does priming cells mean, or what is the procedure for doing that?
    >Also do any of you put extra royal jelly in the cells before grafting?

    That is what priming is.
  21. Re: What to treat with this time of year?

    >From what I have read it seems like if you can see them, your bees are probably in trouble.

    If you see one? Maybe if you see a lot. If you take a picture of a comb and you can see mites on many...
  22. Thread: Clorox

    by Michael Bush

    Re: Clorox

    If you don't see any wax moth larvae, you don't have wax moth problems. Freezing is much more effective against live moths and eggs than anything else. Bt is pretty effective at preventing and...
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    Re: Spring OAV treatment in NorCal?

    >However, regarding those pictures, there is NO WAY they can get the exact same mite in the exact same position before a treatment and after.

  24. Re: 1:1 or 1:2 Sugar water for new package?

    >Michael, do you use the 5:3 mixture all year?

    All year. For all purposes. Yes. I never make anything else.
  25. Re: How would a mated queen react to piping?

    >But what would happen if she were free to move about? We she go towards the piping sound?



    A laying queen? Maybe, but doubtful.

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