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  1. Re: Re-queening at hot hive on a hot stormy day and then...

    No I didn't use a push in cage, just let her hang in between a couple of the bottom bars in the three hole cage and will let them release her and hopefully they continue to like her. I'm hoping that...
  2. Re-queening at hot hive on a hot stormy day and then...

    Last year I had queen cells in my best hive so I made a successful split. As luck would turn out, the queen donor hive was crushed under a tree in a winter storm and didn't survive, however the split...
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    Re: Sourwood flow in NE Tenn/SW VA

    We had lots of rain as well but when it cleared temps have been cool at night and fairly warm during the day. Nectar is flowing very nice. Most of my hives have filled two shallows in the past two...
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    Re: Bees not touching Sourwood SE TN

    In periods of extreme heat and little rain like we are having, trees are conserving nutrients for themselves so to speak. We are getting some cool weather this weekend and that should generate a good...
  5. Re: Built up swarm being agressive. Should I requeen?

    IMO you would be better off to re-Queen by making a few splits out of the hive. The smaller numbers would help with acceptance and you would end up with more hives. The more testy the bees, the...
  6. Re: Need a new queen breeder. Any suggestions?

    I'm nearby and having a hard time getting Carni's built up enough to catch May honey flow. The Carni influence I've tried don't build up in time and then they are ready to swarm. Sure love the way...
  7. Re: Who uses a vaporizer with oxalic acid as their main treatment practice? Please h

    I find that it works very well and according to studies I've read is easier on Queens than for formic acid

    I treat around thanksgiving during low brood period and usually only have to treat once
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    Re: Trouble hive with video

    Spotty brood pattern with drones scattered around looks like the queen is failing to me. I would replace her before laying workers take over, provided of course that you don't have a supercedure...
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    Re: Bee Yard Question

    In looking at your photos more closely, I would also recommend making it bigger. Looks like you are planning on a couple of hives, make sure you leave room to work in there as the cows will want to...
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    Re: Bee Yard Question

    Make sure you use some sturdy posts, cows are very curious and love to rub up against things. They especially like exploring something different in the pasture. Keep in mind how sturdy you will need...
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    Re: Fast & Easy winter bee feed

    Are you guys putting these sugar bricks on top of the inner cover hole or making them thin enough to go under the inner cover? Thanks
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    Re: Shastina Boxes

    Shastina Bee Girls (if you don't need a pallet sized order) just recently offered a free shipping deal in November. I ordered quite a few hive bodies, covers, etc due to the price and was very...
  13. Re: Help me price this bid (pumpkin pollination)

    DPBsbees is right. I used to have pumpkin growers all around, had to move my hives to keep them from getting killed. The pesticide spraying is unreal with pumpkins.
  14. Re: Is pigeon mountain apiaries owned by pigeon mountain trading company

    I stopped by and talked with them once and they are nice folks. While they do not directly answer questions about their bees and woodenware I do suspect they are a distributor for Rossmans. They told...
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    Feeding to prep for winter

    For those of you that do feed to build up winter stores. What do you feed, when to you start and stop, and how do you feed? Thanks
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    Re: OVA Treatment now!

    Did mine today with my new Varrox vaporizer, worked great. 38 degrees at treatment time, had a few girls check me out while doing the treatment and a couple of hives that had built a nice propolis...
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    10 frame double deep or single?

    After getting some wise advice from a couple of Beesource members in the past couple of days, and in reading Walt Wright's "Evils of the double deep" ...
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    Re: E'llo From The Hills Of Tennessee.

    Welcome to the fun. Thanks for your service.
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    Re: New to the Atlanta area

    Fatbeeman is a great source for queens, yes we have varroa and more than our share of SHB. Also, it's a long time before bees have anything to forage on from fall to spring, make sure they have...
  20. Re: Frustrated with VSH and looking for suggestions

    I've used VSH queens from a few different breeders and have had mixed results. Most have been fairly gentle but have not produced near the honey crop as others and they seem slow to build up in...
  21. Re: Is $370 good price for 2 deeps full of bees and 2 honey supers?

    Just my opinion but it sounds like zero honey in the supers so your just paying for the bees and used equipment. I would pass and for the money line up a few nucs in the spring. Unless you really...
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    Re: Honey Bees on Lavender

    Nice work!
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    Re: Uncapping Punch

    We used the Mann Lake one yesterday for the first time, very effective and quick. Seems to work better going from side to side rather then the length of the frame to get the edges and also to keep...
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    Re: How Do You Spell Honey?

    Been real good in East Tennessee too. Several hives have given me 6 shallows so far with about 6 weeks to go.
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    Re: SHB Help

    Put the frames in a plastic bag and seal up. Place in the freezer for 24-48 hours and then remove from the plastic and place frames back in the hive. Bees will clean out the dead SHB larvae.
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