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    Re: Thermo hive, not for me.

    No, it's commercial and can only be produced by some company instead of by the individual beeks. THAT's what I object to. Half the satisfaction I get from keeping bees comes from making my own...
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    Re: To deep? Two deep? Or Too deep?

    ;) You'll still have to cut them whether you go all mediums or all deeps. I do deeps and cut my 1x12 to 9-5/8".

    Some guys have shops to die for while others barely have the necessities. If you...
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    Re: Clipping Wings

    My personal experience is that clipping the wings is an invitation to disaster. Either the workers do away with her because they perceive her as damaged -- or -- out she goes, falls on the ground,...
  4. Re: New Yorkers question about Minnesota Hygenic Queen procurment / Beekeeping in Nor

    The Glenns retired back in 2012, I believe. Much of their stock is now in the able hands of VP Queen Bees. However, I don't remember seeing any mention of Minnesota Hybrids on their site. The only...
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    Re: Moving with Hives

    Remember, too, that thousands of hives are shipped cross country every year to pollinate almonds, so this is not an uncommon occurrence. Talk to a few local commercial beeks for tips on how best to...
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    Re: Location Location Location

    My bees sit on the other side of my pasture fence and about 10 feet in from the fence. They face away from the pasture.

    My horses "mow" a 2-foot strip on the bee side of the fence and I mow the...
  7. Re: Just investigating - Arizona NE White Mountains

    Welcome to Beesource!

    I know zip about the honeyflow hives. But what occurs to me is that most people don't either. As newbies, your greatest source of help is to be able to ask questions of and...
  8. Re: ordering supplies and long wait times...

    Do remember that NOW--not xmas--is their busiest season. I've decided that if I want stuff promptly, then I have to order it off-season.

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    Re: Powdered Sugar Shake

    One final note on powdered sugar mite prevention. Yes, it was effective but what most of the sites/studies do NOT mention is the effect on ants. In a matter of days my hives went from no ant...
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    Re: Winter Feed Consumption

    "Icing sugar" as in powdered sugar? Powdered sugar usually has too many solids for winter feeding for bees who cannot fly out to eliminate. Have you considered using ordinary sugar bricks? Or...
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    Re: Aggressive Top Bar Hives Dilemma

    It kinda sounds like the splits were hot because the queens mated with some AHB drones. Likely if you just kill the queens and let them requeen, you will probably wind up with hives as hot as the...
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    Re: A queen with abortive eggs

    That's your problem. She is not properly bred. You need a new queen, one who is bred by many drones who are not related to her.


  13. Re: Beekeeping Methodology, Definitions, and Repeatedly Beating a Dead Horse

    I am not a "joiner". For me beekeeping is a solitary endeavor so other people's definitions don't mean anything. Who cares what you call stuff? Just do what works for you and your bees and stop...
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    Re: Hive Entrance Direction

    All mine face a hill, which means they do NOT face the pastures. That's probably SE.


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    Re: At a loss...I just don't understand

    This is probably going to sound dumb, so I apologize for asking, but are you feeding syrup in the winter? Do you know that bees cannot take syrup when the temperature falls below 50 degrees? A much...
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    Re: how much hives in one place

    Bees forage for 2+ miles around the hive, so what forage is available and how many other hives are in the area will determine how many you can keep there. It really is a "try and see" proposition. ...
  17. Re: Will bees take sugar block through #8 wire ?

    This would not work for me because my hives stay dry enough inside that the sugar blocks do not "drip". I sit the blocks directly on the frames and add the wired shim above that. The bees hollow...
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    Re: Carniolan Packages

    It's so late in the season that you may have to settle for Italian packages and after they are established, requeen them with some top-notch Carny queens.


  19. Re: Ventilation vs Robbing Bee Reduced Entrance

    When this happens here, my solution is to use a wire reducer. I take a piece of #8 hardware cloth and bend it into a W slightly longer than the opening size and tack it to the entrance.

    Cut a...
  20. Re: Hive Location Relative to a Barbed Wire Fence Containing Horses

    I've bred quarter horses for about 40 years. I've kept bees for about 20. My take is that the hives need to face away from the horses and be far enough off the fence that the horses cannot reach...
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    Re: lang vs rose hive method

    The "Rose method" sounds counter-intuitive to me. It seems illogical to disturb the entire hive every time you want/need to add a box, not to mention that full boxes are HEAVY so why move them if...
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    Re: to late to get bees?

    Looks like Kelley still has some available in May, but I'd order soonest before they are gone.
  23. Re: Oxalic acid dribble or drizzle for Packages

    The best way I know of is to read and follow the OA dribble information on Randy Oliver's site, That is the best explanation I have read so far for formulas and...
  24. Re: To feed or not to feed...that is the question

    I believe if you are gonna lose one to starving, March is the month it's most likely to happen. Sugar syrup is CHEAP. If they don't need it, they'll just ignore it. Nothing is worse than the...
  25. Re: Bees are dead. What is the best way to winter bees.

    I had Starlites. Great bees, weren't they?

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