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    Re: Is My Queen Laying?

    pollen coming in is not a reliable indicator of eggs and brood. Go in and look for eggs and larvae. If the new queen did not make it you want to either buy a new queen or provide eggs and brood for...
  2. Re: high-fructose corn syrup may be tied to worldwide collapse of bee colonies

    If your pockets are deep enough you can buy the results you want.
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    Re: very strong hives how to find queen

    We had this problem this spring too. Three days before we got our new queens we put queen excluders between the deep boxes. When we went back 3 days later it was simple to find the box with the...
  4. Re: Could there be two colonies in this wall?

    I think there is a real good chance there are two colonies.
  5. Re: How long do most neew beekeepers keep at it?

    When I started the oldtimers/mentors told me I would not last more than 2 years. Well this is eight were in now. I think the 2 year period is mostly right. Most of the newbees I have had contact...
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    swarm in a barley field

    We caught a small swarm today in a barley field. The bees were clustered on the bottom of the barley stems. Some were actually clustered on the ground. They had started pulling comb attaching it...
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    Re: Oxeye Daisy

    It is a pretty weed. It will spread like wildfire, is very hard to irradicate or even control. I have never seen any kind of a pollinator on it, so I assume it is self pollinating.
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    Re: Bees swarmed, now what?

    Nabber I had a really strong hive swarm itself to death. Maybe as many as 10 after swarms. I now remove the excess cells too.
  9. Re: New package getting robbed 3 days in a row

    Robbing on colonies with small populations is usually terminal. It sounds like you have done what is commonly done. Next time do not use the entrance feeder. That is without much doubt what...
  10. Re: how to tell if store sugar is from cane or beet

    If beet sugar is harmful to bees, I would be afraid to see what our bees would be like. We have fed beet sugar for 8 years, and have incredible bees.
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    Re: Only 1 out of 2 splits worked

    Give them a frame of eggs and brood.
  12. Re: For a laying worker hive...would this work or not?

    slow drone my experience is the opposite of yours with queen cells. I am messing with a laying worker nuc currently. I used the 3 frames of brood to shut down the laying workers. They raised and...
  13. Thread: Plant ID

    by Dave Burrup

    Re: Plant ID

    I agree
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    Re: ReQueening Procedure?

    I would seal up the hive at night or early in the morning and then put them in the freezer. If you just dump new bees in you will still have laying workers. If you do not have the freezer space...
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    Re: ReQueening Procedure?

    From looking at your video I would say you have a laying worker hive. As long as you have laying workers laying eggs the hive will not accept a new queen, or queen cell. They will kill her because...
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    Re: Laying worker hive

    Combining a laying worker hive with a queen right hive will not work either. The laying workers think they are a queen and they give off enough pheromone to convince the others they have a queen...
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    Re: Laying worker hive

    A laying worker hive will not accept a new queen. The only way I have successfully saved a laying worker hive was a frame of open brood each week for three weeks. At this point they will raise...
  18. Re: Using camera in beeyard - how to keep camera from being sticky!

    Take your gloves off, and hold the camera with clean hands.
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    Re: Aficanized bees are fake

    I do not know why I am entering this thread, but here goes. One of the oldest arguments in biology is nature vs nurture. In other words what behavior is learned and what is genetically controlled....
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    Re: Wild crabapples?

    The early flows are used for food by the bees to build up large populations. Very little is stored in supers it ends up around the brood in the brood boxes. Later they will store surplus in the...
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    Re: I'm Thinking EFB Please Confirm

    I agree with send the sample to Beltsville. I would put some antibiotic mixed into powdered sugar on them as soon as you collect the lab sample. It could be Parasitic Mite Syndrome too, but it...
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    Re: Stung again

    I took four stings on the back of my hand in an area the size of a silver dollar. No swelling or itching at all.
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    Re: Question about drone laying queen

  24. Re: New hives-How often to check sugar water?

    One problem with giving small hives (packages) a lot of syrup at one time is 1:1 syrup spoils quickly. If the weather is warm to hot it can ferment in less than 48 hours. I find it better to give...
  25. Re: Could one on my queens be dead already?

    I am not trying to be difficult, but it could go either way. Leave them alone for 1 week. Then go through the frames looking for eggs and or larvae. If you find any your queen is fine. Close up...
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