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  1. Re: Would you recommend Pierco, or Mann Lake plastic frames?

    Having tried both I would go with Mann Lake again if I was ordering plastic frames. Heftier by far and the ones with metal embedded take a lot of abuse.
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    Re: How's your spring????

    Red maple just starting to bloom in the valleys around here. Sugar maples should be next. Nectar in the hives already and pollen going in the front door. I reversed every hive except one in the last...
  3. Re: Top feeder condensation / ventilation problem?

    I wouldn't worry about it as long as you have screen on those slots in the feeder box.
  4. Re: So far so good. Successful overwinter?

    Looks good. If I opened that hive and saw that many bees at the very top of the three deeps I probably would have put some fondant or protein patties on it since you are still about 4 weeks from any...
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    Re: Mouse Guard Removal

    Pulled mine last week.
  6. Re: Just bought a hive of local survivor bees.. but..

    I run 9 frames in all of my deeps all the time. Makes it so much easier to inspect and the bees don't seem to care at all.
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    Re: Hope the Queen lives...

    I would leave her alone. Check on the hive in a week. Still early in the season and you can fix a queenless hive easier now than in the fall. They are bees and if they like that queen she will be...
  8. Thread: mites?

    by Keth Comollo

    Re: mites?

    Now that it is legal in all 50 states and you know you have a high mite population put an Apivar strip in and be done with em.
  9. Re: Think I'm ready to add a super. Advise please.

    Stack one or two supers on top as soon as feasible. Sounds pretty crowded to me.
  10. EPA Approves Apivar Honeybee Miticide For Use In All 50 United States

    New York, NY –April 2, 2013 –Véto-pharma S.A., the French veterinary
    pharmaceutical company specializing in honeybee health, announced today that
    the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)...
  11. Re: First inspection of the season . . . .

    Very true Greg! Without Mikes tutelage and inspiration I would never be where I am. I wonder if I can send him the bill for all the wood I have to buy now??? ;)
  12. Re: First inspection of the season . . . .

    No losses yet! Fingers crossed it stays that way. :cool::cool:
  13. Re: First inspection of the season . . . .

    Maples usually bloom around here May 9th-15th. A few weeks with the pollen patties then I can throw a slab of fondant on to get them through any cold spell. Pretty simple now that production hives...
  14. Re: First inspection of the season . . . .

    I was a bit early but my schedule for the next couple of weeks is a bit hectic. A few of the hives definitely needed the feed. The nucs were all quite strong. One did have a nasty...
  15. Re: First inspection of the season . . . .

    Considering I still have a foot of snow on the ground and maple doesn't start to bloom for about five or six weeks and dandelions are after that I am not worried. No need to do a full brood...
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    Re: Nuc covers

    Woven bags that commercial grass seed applicators use. Find a local hydro seeding company and you will get a lifetime supply.
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    Re: First time builder

    I use 1/4" crown stapler and Titebond III for everything.
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    Re: making your own inner covers

    After seeing Mikes inner covers I made all of my nuc inner covers the same way. Yesterday I put pollen patties on all my hives and these inner cover makes it too easy. Pull cover, remove the block...
  19. First inspection of the season . . . .

    Finally got a chance to open the hives yesterday. Of the 20 hives I went into winter with all are still alive. I am quite amazed. Half of them were booming already. Only two had small clusters and...
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    Re: Make Nuc Entrance Disc

    The metal discs from Walt Kelly are great. I couldn't make them myself for their price without burning through a lot of bits and blades.
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    Re: Apiver feedback please

    Where did you get the Taktic?
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    Re: 2012 Dieback Already?

    That sounds quite serious. Hopefully the cause is preventable!
  23. Re: Will a little 2 to 1 syrup when it's cold hurt

    Truer words have never been spoken.
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    Re: Frames w/ foundation vs. empty frames

    Yes, it has comb embossed on it.
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    Re: Can a hive survive on fondant

    The simple answer is yes as long as it is sitting on top of the cluster and they can get to it in cold weather. Around here I would throw on a pollen pattie or two in late Feb. since an all-carb diet...
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