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  1. Re: Best way to combine a wea hive and a newly caught swarm?

  2. Re: Best way to combine a wea hive and a newly caught swarm?

    It does indeed look somewhat like that, though I'm going from memory. Lots of dead larvae (some capped, some not), some of them looking melted. NOT stringy, so no AFB worries.

    I did treat with...
  3. Re: Best way to combine a wea hive and a newly caught swarm?

    Good idea. Yes, sunny and warm here in NorCal (high 80's for the rest of the week) so queens are indeed still laying.
  4. Best way to combine a wea hive and a newly caught swarm?

    Yesterday I caught a small swarm (about two fists worth of bees). As it's so small I'd like to combine it with a weak hive that beleive was suffering from mites (poor brood pattern, few bees, etc)...
  5. Combining a nuc with a weak hive - any need to wait?

    I have a weak hive whose queen just doesn't seem to be doing a good job (poor brood pattern). The hive is in a single deep/single medium, though it's really only about half of the medium that's full...
  6. Should I combine a weak hive and a good nuc?

    Live in NorCal, I have a hive that's never done very well. I suspect the queen just isn't doing a great job as adjacent hives are doing fine. She is from a split from a strong hive early this...
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    Re: how to get bees out of my garage?

    Do you have a window? If so they can be attracted to the light coming thru it if you turn off all the other lights, then let out in batches. Otherwise try a vacuum.
  8. Thread: Strange honey

    by bison

    Re: Strange honey

    I had some that looked like this just last week. Stick it in a sunny place where the sun will warm it and there's a good chance it will return to it's original state.

    I spend some time in...
  9. Re: Main Nectar Flow Clues in Northern California/Sacramento Area

    Regarding honey production in this dry year... I am in Marin and have very mixed results. My backyard hives in southern Marin that typically produce 2-3 mediums of honey this year range from none...
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    Re: SF Bay Area Beekeepers Forum

    My bees in Marin are doing well overall but hives vary considerably and honey production is way down. Hives in west marin where it's really dry have little to no extra stores, though they seem to be...
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    Re: combine question ??

    I've always just put the 5 nuc frames into a deep with some other frames and done a newspaper combine.
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    Re: I think they swarmed

    If you do indeed have eggs then the hive didn't swarm. A swarm happens just about when swarm cells are about to hatch open. It then takes about 2 weeks for the newly hatched queen to start laying.
  13. Thread: Taktic

    by bison

    Re: Taktic

    Yes. Rumored to be widely trusted and relied upon by commercial folks.
  14. Re: I need to move a hive about 50'. i need to know how.

    Agree with the above comments - just move 'em and don't sweat it much. They'll figure it out.
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    Re: Collecting cool apiary photos - care to add?

    My hives in Marin County have an unbeatable view of Mt. Tamalpais
  16. Thread: Splitting A Hive

    by bison

    Re: Splitting A Hive

    Yes you can do as you mention. As Brad mentions above, making splits is really very easy. All the bees need is a frame with eggs and some supplies and they'll take care of the rest. No need to...
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    Re: Hive 40 feet up a eucaliptus tree

    12 gauge swarm capture tool:
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    Re: directions on moving a hive 7 feet

    Agree with this - just move them and don't worry about it.
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    Re: California buckeye question

    While buckeye isn't supposed to be good for bees, there is buckeye all over NorCal and the bees seem to deal with it. I have hives that are surrounded by lots of them and do just fine. Presumably...
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    Re: Are frames full of only pollen worthless?

    Slightly off subject, but why do you have a QE between your two brood boxes? Typical setup in the Bay Area is two deeps for the brood area, with honey supers on top (sometimes separated from the...
  21. Do I need to do a newspaper combine or just a straight combine?

    Last week I removed a feral hive from a section of a tree that had been cut down. The combs in the tree limb had been squished together and the limb had been on it's side for a day or two before...
  22. Thread: Selling honey

    by bison

    Re: Selling honey

    I sell to friends and neighbors using the Nextdoor web site to let people know when I have harvested. Fairly small scale, I probably sell a total of 100 lbs or so a year, enough to pay for the...
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    Re: Where Do You Extract Honey?

    Garage. One good tip is to put a couple of wet towels on the floor and have a couple others handy. Makes it easy to clean up any spills and keep the bottom of your shoes clean.
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    Re: Bee hive in a log - how do I get them out?

    I checked the nuc today that I'd moved the hive to. Lots of bees and activity, but no sign of queen or eggs/brood (though I didn't look very hard). Think I'll give it another week and if I can't...
  25. Re: Is Northern California (Bay Area) swarm season over???

    Last swarm I heard of in Marin was on 6/7. Lots of stuff blooming now, with privets just starting, so I suspect a good flow for the next few weeks.
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