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    Re: Cleaning queen excluders

    My steam box fits excluders:

  2. Re: Buying bees for Apitherapy in San Francisco

    Did you talk with Charlie B on this site? He is president of the SF bee Club, and operates as a non profit organization for the benefit of saving the bees. So I am sure he would help you for free or...
  3. Re: going to try to remove bees off the supers with my handheld blower

    Has anyone tried a Makita cordless blower to blow bees? Is it powerful enough? The run time is short. I seem to remember 12 minutes.

    I tried a...
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    Re: New Zealand Bees Are Worth The Money.

    The Australian packages we got in 2005? didn't even make a crop and also were also poor survivors. Same with the California packages I have gotten the last few years. So drug dependent they can't...
  5. Re: You can't teach an old, frame hive beekeeper, new tricks

    >the foundation starter strip is the very best option.

    But that requires you to either manufacture non contaminated foundation or contaminate your virgin topbar combs with possibly contaminated...
  6. Re: You can't teach an old, frame hive beekeeper, new tricks

    >Odfrank...please try again, get out your carpenter's level and plumb the hive,
    I have been a licensed landscape contractor and beekeeper for over 40 years, the hive is in a fancy garden, believe...
  7. Re: You can't teach an old, frame hive beekeeper, new tricks

    >have a decent handle on what will work best

    Let's hear what in your opinion is the best shape topbar to avoid this kind of problem.
  8. Re: You can't teach an old, frame hive beekeeper, new tricks

    >The type of wedge on your bars odfrank are barely more than a suggestion, much to shallow.

    That is a factory made topbar hive and topbars.
  9. Re: You can't teach an old, frame hive beekeeper, new tricks

    No, they did better last year.
  10. Thread: Melter honey

    by odfrank

    Re: Melter honey

    I have been selling mine for 1.00 a lb. to a chicken hobbiest. I guess a guy could get more if he found a market for it.
  11. Re: Cappings melter out of an insulated box and a couple of lights???

    Yes, please design a winter conversion lid for our solar melters.
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    Re: SHB honey supers

    I have been seeing an occasional one for about ten years now and have only seen one brood chamber slimed. I see a few in the extracting room also. I have seen no problems in blond honey supers. Use...
  13. You can't teach an old, frame hive beekeeper, new tricks

    After 40 plus years working Langstroth hives I last year started a topbar hive for a client. This opportunity has given me thanks that I got into beekeeping before the hobby took a turn backwards...
  14. You know the solar melting season has waned when you come home to this:

    September 9 seems to be the last day I can get cappings to melt properly. After that I can still melt comb and slowly melt down residue with the melter set at a steep tilt.
  15. Re: Turnkey topbar hive for selling to my "students"

    I have been building langstroth apiaries for clients. I track costs for buying/assembling the equipment, making and installing cleat handles, assembling frames, wiring, embedding, painting, making...
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    Re: How much wax is in a barrel of cappings?

    I my small scale operation running a lot of eight frame spacing and with some cut comb waste, I get up to 2% weight in wax to that of honey weight. Jim's figure of 160/9000 comes to 1.77%, close to...
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    Re: A down side to beekeeping.

    Try keeping bees in a suburban neighborhood.
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    Is Carolina Jasmine toxic to honey bees?

    Gelsemium sempervirens

    I found this in Wikipedia:

    The nectar is also toxic to honeybees,[7] which may cause brood death when gathered by the bees. The nectar may, however, be beneficial to...
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    Re: Extractor measurement

    Some very thick honeys also will not extract/easily.
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    Re: Trap out from under a shed

    >I suppose the cut out flooring can be used to seal up the floor again, correct?

    I mark the sides of the removed plywood and remaining plywood (aa bb cc dd) so that it is easy to put back in the...
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    Re: Trap out from under a shed

    I removed two from a shed floor last year. The owner cleaned out the shed, we carefully sawed the plywood floor above the floor joists with a skill saw set to the plywood depth. Some of the combs...
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    Re: old aluminum ladders for hive stands???

    Some bottom boards slide off of them easily when you are working the hive.
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    Re: Warre swarmed twice now what?

    Copy and paste from an old post:
    Hive Sizes

    JWG Field Bee December 20, 2006 A couple notes on the larger brood frames:
    Historically in North America there were two large brood frame designs,...
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    Re: Websites as a marketing tool??

    I have one and it brings in some business. A neighbor found my site and phone number yesterday and bought $47.00 of honey. My site is primarily for my landscape business but the single bee/honey page...
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    Re: Mylar bags for comb storage?

    Store the box of comb on the top of a strong hive.
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