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    Re: I had no idea!!!

    drought here is NOT making it easy for my girls.
  2. Re: What's she gathering from my cucumber leaves?

    could be looking for droplets of water???
  3. Re: Phrases I just wouldn't have expected to say till I started beekeeping

    So far, my favorite I've had to say was "Hey, Honey, one of the girls is in the refrigerator" Her response, "How did she get in there?"
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    Re: Nature's Brutality

    Oh, I'm not saying it's necessarily a sad event, as the hive needs to do what's best for the colony as a whole, but it's still a brutal part of how 'honest' nature is. There are exceptions, but to...
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    Nature's Brutality

    So I've not been witness to the mass drone exile. I walked up to my hive today to see all the bodies laid outside the entrance being devoured by ants, and a few lucky ones able to wrestle free from...
  6. Re: Are landing boards simply just a waste of wood? ( and paint? )

    I must have horribly un-coordinated bees. I get most of my morning entertainment watching them attempt to land loaded with pollen and nectar only to over shoot or undershoot the landing bad and...
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    Re: Girls are in a FOUL mood today

    Weather had bit a bit cloudy in the mornings (I live by the ocean) but it's sunny by 11:00am and while I feel there may be a dearth going on, I've seen new flowers blooming in the fields and they...
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    Girls are in a FOUL mood today

    Wife got stung in the garden, and they were chasing us both while in the back yard... Even in the front yard, one was buzzing us. . . I don't know if there's a full moon around, or what, but they are...
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    Re: Honey Sucking Drones!

    I'm not in the commercial market with my bees, so this is my opinion, but I don't see the issue of the natural things that go on in the hive. Drones are a part of the hive, and, yes, they will eat...
  10. Re: Moved bees 100 ft, will foragers find the hive?

    This raises a question for me. If I REPLACE my top bar hive with a langstroth, will they still think it's their home if it's in the same spot even though they LOOK completely different? When i do my...
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    Re: What I learned today

    I actually had this happen on my third attempt catch a swarm, and after the very first shake of the clump, one was small enough to end up getting into one of the vent holes in my hat (which has since...
  12. Got a video of a worker emerging from her cell!! (and other pics)

    This is just too cool not to share. I'm sure most have seen this, but it was my second time, and I was thrilled:

    it looks like they are slowing down brood...
  13. Re: Is it normal for a queen's abdomen to darken over time?

    would a couple of months really seem to be enough to show a difference? I should go back in next inspection and take a proper photo of her to compare :)
  14. Is it normal for a queen's abdomen to darken over time?

    So I haven't seen my queen in probably almost 2 months, and when I saw her today, she was visibly darker. I compared the first photo I took of her to the video I happen to take today, and it's...
  15. Re: Day 50: My TBH box is 90% full... I don't know what to do.

    Well, it looks like at this point, there may not be a need (or want) to split. While the hive is still very full, I've noticed they stopped drawing comb on the last two bars. Also, as I look around,...
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    Re: Is this the queen?

    That's what I was going to add. I'm no veteran, but EVERY queen I've seen anywhere doesn't have fur on her thorax, so unless there are exceptions, that's a dead giveaway.
  17. Re: My queen is crowded, laying 5-6 eggs a cell, how do I fix this?

    gorgeous queen you got there! As to the issue, I can't say I have any idea, but she's pretty! I love the dark ones.
  18. Re: Day 50: My TBH box is 90% full... I don't know what to do.

    When I split the hive, I'm probably going to go foundationless, but a few of my TBH frames are a little off center from being perfectly in line with the bar. Will they build foundationless faster...
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    Re: Question: Replacing a queen

    Yeah, that would still be awkward for a queen to see... "Oh, looks like I'm going to be murdered in the next 7-10 days..."
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    Re: Top bar inspection!!! Pics included!

    It's Cedar. Didn't see her yesterday, but here's a pic of the queen:

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    Top bar inspection!!! Pics included!

    Didn't see the queen today, but we also didn't go through all the bars. :-D


    Full bar of DRONES!


  22. Re: Day 50: My TBH box is 90% full... I don't know what to do.

    Well, I found out that I can fit my top bars in the lang with a tiny bid of modification... so what I'll probably do is just throw 5 top bars in there with frames in between and let them sort it...
  23. Re: Day 50: My TBH box is 90% full... I don't know what to do.

    Even if I "make" bee space size gaps for them to craw up through the bottom? bah-- I'll just throw them in the lang all-together and modify the five by knocking out the back and expanding the space...
  24. Re: Day 50: My TBH box is 90% full... I don't know what to do.

    Well, I planned on building a second one and adding length to it, but I didn't think I would need to do it so soon. I don't know if I'll be able to have the time to do it, so what I'll try to do it...
  25. Thread: bearding advice

    by Dakota

    Re: bearding advice

    I know my girls get a bit on the stingy side when the yellow jackets are around. . . That's the only time I've ever been chased into the house (and stung right on my nose). Usually, my hive is quite...
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