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    Re: Why North and South Dakota?

    The linked map from NASA identifies major honeybee forage plants in the US by state, plus the more southerly portions of Canadian provinces.
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    Re: New Beekeeper

    Welcome to Beesource!

    This sub-forum has 14 threads on choices new beekeepers face:

    Also Michael Bush has a...
  3. Re: Help me get through my first Indiana winter.

    Typically bees won't take syrup once the syrup temperature is below 50 degrees F. If you need to feed in cold temperatures, dry sugar is suitable. More on feeding dry sugar (Mountaincamp method)...
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    Re: Mark's new Honey Label


    If you are going to make a fake:p honey label, it might be better to use a URL that actually works! :lookout:

    Give it a try, click here: :)
  5. Re: Installing new beetle trap bottom board

    Just do it! :D

    I have moved things around without confusing the bees. I predict yours will do just fine with the changes you are contemplating.

    Even bee trees shift when the wind blows. :)
  6. Re: You can't teach an old, frame hive beekeeper, new tricks

    Ollie, if only you had just turned the hive to match up with the Geo Lines located in that area all would have been OK. :)

    Here is an illustration of what I am referring to ...
  7. Re: Question about musty tasting honey

    I can't with certainty tell you what is affecting your honey, but here are some issues for you to consider.

    The presence of pollen cells in conjunction with dark cells may suggest that brood was...
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    Re: Custom Pollen Sub?

    > In other words what is the importance of protein in a bees diet?

    The Bee Nutrition page from the University of Georgia linked in post #38 of this thread is a good place to start in understanding...
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    Re: Maxant 20 frame

    There is a parts/assembly diagram for that model on the Maxant site that pretty much shows speed control is a slip system with a leather washer:
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    Re: when honey is not honey

    I like $10 words. :D I call it faux honey.
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    Re: mineral oil

    Tractor Supply sells it by the gallon for $20:

    It appears that TSC doesn't ship mineral oil, but they have a...
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    Re: mineral oil

    > Rader?

    I looked earlier for useful threads on mineral oil fogging. I didn't see anything particularly moving.:lookout:

    If you are a believer, here is a study for you:...
  13. Re: Consolidated hives to 3 mediums today...

    > So you acknowledge that the interior is warmer with a well insulated hive with choked down ventilation.

    "very little data" :s What are you talking about? :scratch:

    Here is what mgolden...
  14. Re: 5 nuc boxes from 4'x8' plywood - cut layout

    The difference is that the nuc plans Davacoles is referring to in post #1 are "medium" nucs, while the D.Coates plans are "deep" nucs.

    There are also D.Coates deep nuc plans in the Beesource...
  15. Re: California Applicator licensing for MAQS?

    This document from UC Davis explains more on the CA applicator licensing issue. It appears that no license is required for specified products in "dose" sized packages, but if you want to buy larger...
  16. Re: Consolidated hives to 3 mediums today...

    And spelling doesn't matter! :no: :eek:


    I like this one >> 3. to guess; speculate; surmise.
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    Re: yellow jacket queen mating???

    Might be a bit difficult to engage in this activity while flying! :eek:

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    Re: meliponine bees or stingless bees

    According to this article, meliponine bees cannot survive outdoors in temperate areas:

    Assuming that are not already in the US, bringing them here would likely be a violation of federal law.
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    Re: A down side to beekeeping.

    From the article Harry linked in post #10 ...

    Where are those couple of Beesource members who claim that correct spelling is old-fashioned? :scratch: :lookout: :lpf:

  20. Re: The End of F.W.JONES beekeeping supplies...

    But you yourself just told us that Bill would not allow inspection of the wax room to enable delivery of a product to a customer - a product that FW Jones already had payment for.

    So what...
  21. Re: The State of Virginia is now paying for people to take up Beekeeping

    Well, read the link in post #4.

    The associations are paying 1/3 each, not the grantee. The grantee does pay normal dues to those associations.

    Also, this program only involves equipment - no...
  22. Re: The State of Virginia is now paying for people to take up Beekeeping

    Before this thread deteriorates any further into one of THOSE :eek: threads, note that there are some hive grant programs that minimize government involvement and push compliance to a local,...
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    Re: when honey is not honey

    The issue of how nectar gets processed inside a bee is somewhat complicated. :p I suggest reading the entire article on Honey Bee Nutrition from the University of Georgia linked here:
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    Re: Mouse guard question

    Some commercially available mouse guards do seem cover the entrance. Here is one example from Brushy Mtn:
  25. Re: Consolidated hives to 3 mediums today...

    For far northern commercial beekeepers wintering indoors (Ian, for instance) approximately 40 degrees F is their target temperature. If it gets much warmer the bees get more active and want to fly,...
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