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    Re: vaporizing nucs

    Thanks for asking. I have not had time to check all of my hives but yesterday I went through 98 hives and had 2 deadouts. I run about 2/3 nucs. One dead out was a nuc with a note that...
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    Re: Gurung Honey Hunters

    Check out those brood patterns! Nice arcs of brood at 1:52 and 2:15 in the film. It almost looked like more brood than honey. I thought it was interesting that each colony only has a single large...
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    Re: Foundation or not?

    I have done countless tests with my own bees putting new supers and hive bodies on with mixtures of pierco plastic(coated with extra wax), crimpwire wax foundation and foundationless frames. Having ...
  4. NY Times video looking back at the CCD scare

    NY Times produced a good short balanced video looking back at CCD. So nice not to see a misinformed sensationalist media clip. video.
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    Re: when honey is not honey

    I agree that it is more than syrup but naturally not pure honey. Personally I have always used the term "Sugar Honey"

    Oh wait is that what I am sposed to call my Wife?
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    Re: They Killed their Swarm Queen

    I caught a swarm last year and happened to spot the virgin queen so I marked her....they absconded an hour later and I cought them again....whoa there was a new unmarked I marked her. ...
  7. Re: The State of Virginia is now paying for people to take up Beekeeping

    That is great! I am so glad to hear that they are at least spot checking up on some applications. I also received some grant money and would be happy to show them around as I hate hearing roumars...
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    Re: Bees in a pipe How to remove

    It might be easier than you think. One of the ways they used to make splits from hives kept in logs was to get the bees to move out on their own feet. This was done by steadily thumping the log...
  9. Ideas for wildflower plantings for Virginia dearth

    I am helping out a bit with a large winery estate nearby that wants to plant some of their open grass fields with wildflower meadows. They have four hives that I am helping manage and I have...
  10. Re: Who would ship queens to war-torn countries?

    Opps I should have been more careful with my wording. No I would not be worried about Saudi Arabia and Kuwait but I would be very leary of shipping anything live to countries in civil wars such as...
  11. Who would ship queens to war-torn countries?

    I received this e-mail yesterday which gave me a good chuckle:

    Dear Sir :
    I am pleased to contact you from my Almajed Canadian Trading Company , which is working as a distributor for many...
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    Re: re-liquifying honey

    I like the dashboard of my van for colder months and prefer moving the honey back in the vehicle at this time of year. I put a fan blowing on the jars in case boxes and keep a wireless remote...
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    Re: vaporizing nucs

    I should have been is an automotive battery that does not reside in my bee van. I could see cranking the van up to give it a boost with jumper cables if it got too weak in an outyard.
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    Re: vaporizing nucs

    Yep I just did that SNL.....Can you ship as fast as you promote?
    I am looking forward to double speed next week and am curious to see if it increases my overwintering success rate over the past...
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    Re: vaporizing nucs

    Whew! Just finished 83 hives and found myself really wishing I had a second vaporizer to speed things up. I ended up doing aprox 3/4 scoop on the 5 frame nucs. It was a humid calm afternoon and...
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    vaporizing nucs

    I am curious if anyone treats single five frame deep nucs with oxalic acid vaporization and if so how much acid you use. The instructions I have read are two scoops (2g) for two story hives, 1...
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    Re: What?! You Raise Green Bees?

    I also find the traditional colors a bit subtle to see but love the neon versions that you can get. Painters brand neon pens are $1.97 at a Wally World. Non Toxic and boy does the neon green that...
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    Re: Mass Drone Ejections

    Yes I have been seeing my bees kicking out drones here as well. It actually smells bad in my bee yard some times from all the dead drones in front of a few hives! It happens every year here when...
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    Re: Hives in a circle for varroa?

    Seeley found that hives seperated in a feild to reduce drift and with no frame movement between hives had much better survival and a percentage had lower varroa counts due to reduced drift. We...
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    Hives in a circle for varroa?

    I have to move two out yards and so am faced with setting up the two new yards from scratch. After reading Tom Seeley's latest work on drift and increasing varroa counts I am wondering what the...
  21. Re: Photos of my partial sheet of foundation in deep frames -experiment

    Thanks Lauri for the follow up post. I gave it a try this spring with just ten frames using 1/2 a sheet of pierco in deep frames. I use a starter strip when I run foundationless but I was in a...
  22. Re: spacer between honey super and brood box?

    I like to put the excluder on and then a long building shim along each side so there is a 3/8 entrance on the front and no space on the back. I had no bur comb with this arrangement this year and...
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    Re: Acetic Acid Fumigation

    What I have read called for diluting the acid to 80% if I recall correctly. Then it stays in a liquid state. The viniger smell is very strong and I personally have only done it outside.....oh yes...
  24. Re: The State of Virginia is now paying for people to take up Beekeeping

    Yes they did give out a number of grants and I know a lot of folks who got them. But you had to follow the rules!

    So I thought the grant was past and the deadline was in april.
    "Fiscal Year...
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    Re: Do I need a jig?

    Well I guess it is my turn as well. Here is how I do it using my hands as the Jig. I made 1000 frames this year with this method and it normally took 5 minutes per batch of 10. I am sure that a...
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