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  1. Re: Inspection, how many bars removed at a time?

    That works too, bigevilgrape! :)
  2. Re: Inspection, how many bars removed at a time?

    Yummy! I agree, DeeAnna, some holders do look flimsy. I plan to use 2 overturned milk crates until I can get one built (when I did my previous inspection, I used one, but couldn't get a good look...
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    Re: Need help with ant problem

    My TBH had little black ants (and clearish-white eggs?)all over it for a couple of weeks, although I never saw any inside the hive. I was getting worried and was wondering what to do. The bees...
  4. Re: Inspection, how many bars removed at a time?

    Thanks for the input, and great visual! When I did my first inspection, I removed most of the bars and put them across a milkcrate. That worked okay, but there were too many bees in the air, which...
  5. Re: New to beekeeping in Southern Michigan (Jackson area)

    LOL, right, not quite...but relatively close! I am seriously considering a second hive, good point on the learning twice as fast! I did notice a few clover blossoms yesterday and the raspberries...
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    Re: The girls are working the clover today

    Beautiful pictures! I can't wait until the clover blooms up here in Michigan!
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    Re: Follower Board (False Back) Question

    I'm new as well, I was told to start with 10 bars available to the bees, then when they draw comb within 2-3 bars of the board to move it away from the entrance. It's worked for me so far. I hadn't...
  8. Inspection, how many bars removed at a time?

    I've searched this forum for the answer, I'm sure it's here somewhere, I just can't find it!

    I plan to do a very thorough inspection of my KTBH this week. I'm wondering, do I....

    1. remove...
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    Re: TBH Inspection Tip: The "Bee-Down Strip"

    Great idea, the squishing problem was deterring me from doing a thorough inspection (along with mother nature). I'll give this a try! Thank you for posting :)
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    Re: New guy in Western Ky.

    Welcome John, I'm new to this too and a lurker as well! Beekeeping has turned into a passion for me in a short time! Hope your gals stay healthy and productive! :)
  11. New to beekeeping in Southern Michigan (Jackson area)

    After 2 years of disappointing garden yields, a neighbor who burned down a "bee tree", and not seeing a single bee in our yard (which is mostly clover and thistle with raspberry bushes here and...
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