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  1. Re: Received conflicting advice on going treatment free

    Three pounds. Is that too small to get a good start?
  2. Re: Received conflicting advice on going treatment free

    Another newbie here. After all my reading, I decided to go treatment free. I still managed to make a mistake in going with just one hive to start. I figured I'd start slow and work up, but two would...
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    Re: Checkerboarding

    I'm very new to beekeeping and I'm having a little trouble visualizing checker boarding. Is there a visual available somewhere on that net, or will that be in the ten dollar manuscript? I know it...
  4. Re: New beekeeper interested in chemical free treatment

    I'm new and very interested in the answers. My bees also arrive in late April. Good luck to you and may we both survive our first year ;-).
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    New beek in west Georgia

    Hello. I'm completely new to beekeeping. My interest is in honey, of course, but also the bees themselves. I just like to see creatures thrive under my care. I'm most interested in minimal chemical...
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