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    Re: Escape board


    The answer is YES. And another approach is to remove supers of capped honey with bees from multiple hives, stack them on an elevated triangular escape board (up on wood blocks) and...
  2. Re: Colorado Rocky's Feral Colony found at 6500 ft. Video Log..


    Thank you for photo documenting your discovery and experience. In all my hiking to your south I have never run across a feral colony in the mountains. You are most fortunate. ...
  3. Re: tanging a swarm to get it to return

    This has nothing to do with tanging, but I dump a swarm onto a sheet leading up to the lower entrance of a hive, drum on the side of the hive with an entrance reducer or a hive tool, and the bees...
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    Re: Tricks for Getting Bees Into Hive


    I'm an old timer, try "drumming". It has always worked for me.

  5. Re: These are yellow jackets right? Pictures.


    Yes you are correct, they are yellow jackets. They live in the ground, in rock walls, etc. Their sting is generally worse than a honeybee's and they have a smooth stinger so they are...
  6. Re: What happens when a swarm cluster meets really bad weather?


    Actually I was very pleased and felt that it was a great success because I did not lose the bees. Many of the ideas that I did and did not use came as suggestions fro fellow beeks here on...
  7. Re: What happens when a swarm cluster meets really bad weather?


    I had a similar situation this spring when one of my colonies swarmed and went into a bivouac swarm cluster 40 feet up in a pine tree the day before ten continuous days of rain. With the...
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    Re: Front Range weather roller-coaster

    A large field of tall yellow clover in town at 6,000 feet in bloom now and nary a bee working it. Can't believe it! I guess that there is no nectar flow from it. Also, the field has never bloomed...
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    Re: Front Range weather roller-coaster


    What is the elevation of your home yard and your out yard? I'm considering moving some colonies out to my 10K foot yard, but may not do so.

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    Re: 3 or 4 mediums?


    I too like you am facing the age plus back and shoulders dilemma and am in a three year transition period from double deeps into triple mediums for brood. I try to harvest twice a season...
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    Re: swarm retrieval ideas??


    I can only agree with you, After 9 days of rain the bees are well established with comb and soon brood. I just have to look at them and wish.

    Have a look at my pix of a "rope in the...
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    Re: swarm retrieval ideas??

    Thanks to CreamPuff for starting the thread and thanks to Thershey for his suggestion. I had a similar situation up 30 feet in a pine tree which started last Saturday. A large 3-4 # swarm of my own...
  13. Re: Thick honeycomb on brood frames. Do you trim?


    Just buy a cheap serrated bread knife and keep it in your apiary. It is very handy for cutting the over sized or cross combed areas out and also separating frames where they are cross...
  14. Re: Swarm Trap - they're here but won't move in!


    I'll bet the suggestion above that there is insufficient room in the trap is correct. Six frames wide with only four frames inside does not provide enough room for a large swarm, especially...
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    Sticky: Re: Please Post your Swarm Dates?

    5/16, 80906, central front range rocky Mt., ~4#, clear weather, ~ 20 ft. up in tree, kept bees, captured.
    5/17, 80906, central front range rocky Mt., !4#, overcast weather, ~30 ft. up in pine tree,...
  16. Re: Need resource ideas to prepare talk to culinary students Re: HONEY

    Thank you for all of the ideas, pointers, hints, etc. and I do have both ABC-XYX and The Hive and the Honeybee in my personal library. Together with the National Honey Board info I now have a good...
  17. Need resource ideas to prepare talk to culinary students Re: HONEY

    I do not need or want a list of honey recipes !

    I need reference ideas where I can prepare a talk about the use of honey in the preparation of various food items, and nutrition, temperature...
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    Re: Feral Hive/ Black Bees


    Excellent explanation for Sanna in post #5. Thank you. Interestingly both Seeley and Hogan are two of my idols too. I think that Sanna will ultimately be successful and happy with their...
  19. Re: Front Range Snow & extended Swarm Advisory


    Maybe I'm thinking of a different video. What you described is what I think that MP calls his "Bee Bomb" and is used as you mention, as a supply source of young nurse bees. At least that is...
  20. Re: Front Range Snow & extended Swarm Advisory


    Does the following fit your definition of a MP style double NUC ? a BB, a deep with a central divider board (often called a queen castle), two 4 or 5 frame NUCs side by side, a 10 frame QE, a...
  21. Re: Front Range Snow & extended Swarm Advisory

    Vance, you're most definitely Front Range of the Rockeys and as noted above climatically similar but cooler. You're actually only 9 deg. north lat. and 5 deg. west long. from here. I for one have...
  22. Re: Front Range Snow & extended Swarm Advisory

    We got 2" of the white stuff and it is still dumping down rain. Got all of my Spring inspections done over the last 10 days & unwrapped and uninsulated. The Q's are laying up good but no Q-cells...
  23. Re: Best way to move a capped queen cell into a queenless colony?


    I'd say do another look-a-bout because the newly hatched Q may be hard to spot.

    I don't have any QC's yet, but I am keeping the girls busy with lots of foundation to draw out.

  24. Re: Do you put weight on your top covers?

    Retired one gallon paint cans full of sand and with lid. Free and come with handles. 30 MPH not uncommon in the Front Range foothills.
  25. Re: How much moisture is added to the hive, from respiration, over the winter?


    I'm cool with the communications.

    In your hypothetical bee tree or gum, yes, I think that a QB would be very similar, except that more moisture would be retained inside (the gum),...
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