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    Re: Queen Excluder or "Not"

  2. Thread: Used hives

    by NeilV

    Re: Used hives

    The odds are about 100:1 (with the odds favoring Varroa and Nosema) that the cause of any prior death of these hives was either nothing in particular or Varroa or Nosema. Is there a chance of a...
  3. Re: Pick your poison: (1) frostbite; or (2) heatstroke.

    And don't tell me to move to San Diego. You can all go jump in the Pacific Ocean.
  4. Pick your poison: (1) frostbite; or (2) heatstroke.

    The heat index has been hovering around 110. It's just miserable to go outside. It's even more miserable to put on a beesuit outside. I have been getting up at 6 a.m. to work in the garden. You...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Last weekend, I found 2 hives without queens. I had one hive set up with a swarm that I caught earlier this year, and I did a combine of the new/swarm hive with old queenless one. I did not have a...
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    Re: Can you safely feed bees when using Apistan?

    For people new to OA, I want to stress that this is not the time of year (in North America) to use OA dribbling. It is hard on bees to do it more than once. It does not kill mites in brood. When...
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    Re: queen and laying queen?

    If you have a functioning queen, you should not have laying workers. I've never seen laying workers when there is a queen that can lay.

    Are you using foundation? If not, then the bees have just...
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    Re: Need some misc questions answered

    I would do a sugar roll or alcohol wash for mites to see if that is an issue in both hives.

    I would also requeen the laggard hive. They usually don't get better, and requeening is a small expense...
  9. Thread: Neoprene gloves

    by NeilV

    Re: Neoprene gloves

    I once opened a hive for a quick look while wearing a black fleece jacket. Just once.
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    Re: Does this look like foulbrood?

    It's hard (for me, anyway) to draw conclusions from pictures, especially when I can't see into cells. That being said, you can also get frames that look like that from heavy varroa infestations. ...
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    Re: Too late in the year to split?

    I would not do a walkaway split in July. I think splitting in early July and adding a mated queen would be fine. You will need to feed both halves, and they will not draw much if any comb when it...
  12. Re: New beekeeper... Requeening an aggressive hive

    Use smoke if you did not. If you were not using smoke, then you don't really know whether you have a hot hive or not. When beekeepers say they have a "gentle" hive, they typically mean that it is...
  13. Re: What to do with nucs that show signs of viruses?

    The eyes are similar to the callow bees in the picture, but I think the eyes are even smaller, and the bees are all smaller than their siblings too.

    I don't have a picture, because these are not...
  14. Re: What to do with nucs that show signs of viruses?

    Nope, regular Italians.

    I thought about requeening too, but it's all four hives and I wonder whether genetics of the queens is the issue given that.

    The bees with little eyes are weird. It's...
  15. What to do with nucs that show signs of viruses?

    I was helping a new beekeeper this weekend to do a first hive inspection. The newbee started with four hives, all started from nucs. Basically, they looked great in most respects. They were...
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    Foundation In Swarm Traps?

    I have started making swarm traps that hold frames. Actually, this year I've made some out of deep hive bodies. In the past, I've used frames with starter strips. My concern was that scout bees...
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    Re: Fleabane Daisy, useful?

    Honey bees don't, but lots of native bees do. So I'd generally leave them alone if they are not someplace you need to mow.
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    Re: Deer Rifle thoughts please

    When they're this old, they're like brand new.

    What is the consensus (if any) about .243 for deer? Is that enough gun for deer, or would 7mm-08 or .308 be better.

    I've got an 11 year old,...
  19. Re: Some worker bees seem a lot bigger than others...

    Different cell sizes and V. mites.
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    Re: Three roads to success.....I hope

    It took me until my 3rd year to harvest honey. I think that under the best of circumstances it takes about that long to have even a basic idea of what you are trying to do. I'm still waiting to...
  21. Thread: Dandelions

    by NeilV

    Re: Dandelions

    After a cold February and a slow start, it has been a great year for weeds of all sorts around here. For me, a big part of the fun of having hives is enjoying the weeds. Before bees, I used to pay...
  22. Re: Lost/Weak Queen? New Pkg Installed. No Brood. Nectar Stored. Queen Cells Present.

    Call the people who sold you the package first about a replacement queen. Is there a bee club in your area that has a yahoo group or something similar? If so, check with the local beeks to see if...
  23. Re: Lost/Weak Queen? New Pkg Installed. No Brood. Nectar Stored. Queen Cells Present.

    Gotcha. Other people were suggesting moving a frame of eggs (which is the same as moving brood). The problem is that on a new package or swarm they will be putting something in the comb as fast as...
  24. Re: Lost/Weak Queen? New Pkg Installed. No Brood. Nectar Stored. Queen Cells Present.

    Nope. It's a matter of timing. This is a case of two brand new packages trying to get started. Borrowing brood from the good hive would involved taking a third of the brood, and it's not worth it....
  25. Re: Lost/Weak Queen? New Pkg Installed. No Brood. Nectar Stored. Queen Cells Present.

    Yes, I mentioned that above. The package supplier could just give you a replacement queen. I would simply point out that a package is supposed to have a laying queen. While a package supplier...
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