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  1. Re: today's mite count on a five year tf survivor.

    What Squarepeg is describing is typical mite collapse in a partially resistant colony. I've seen it several times in my bees. I always let them die out and then make splits in the spring.
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    Re: finally, fall flow!

    Aster has very little odor. Goldenrod smells like dirty socks.
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    Re: finally, fall flow!

    Getting some activity here in Hamilton too. I saw the first goldenrod blooms a week ago. The bees are finally bringing enough to feed themselves. Hopefully they will get a good surplus for winter....
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    Re: To make it real

    Well, I don't have my bees in this pic, but if you really want to see them, I'll show you a pic of them sitting on my front porch on google maps. On the other hand, I've posted enough pics of them...
  5. Re: Is $370 good price for 2 deeps full of bees and 2 honey supers?

    Thm, correct decision. There is no way on earth that I would advise paying that amount for a colony this late in the year. Think of it like this. You can purchase brand new equipment and assemble...
  6. Re: Paired apiary test: natural comb does no good

    Roland, Varroa mites are known to be able to survive and thrive with near 100% inbreeding. I would insist on some really detailed study information before jumping on this bandwagon. Color me HIGHLY...
  7. Re: Paired apiary test: natural comb does no good

    On average, my bees swarm much more often than my previous experience with Italian, Caucasian, and Buckfast bees. Carniolans swarm about the same amount in my climate. Countering this is a single...
  8. Re: Paired apiary test: natural comb does no good

    My bees have been treatment free since 2005. They either live or die strictly on their own ability to control mites. I don't see those exponential increases in mite count that are commonly reported...
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    Re: TF Beeks vs the Treatment Beeks

    IMO, treatment free hits a wall about 4 years in where several colonies that have been hanging on suddenly die off. Once you get past that 4 year mark, the remaining bees will pretty much survive on...
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    Re: is this some kind of scam?

    You folks don't know how this scam works.

    First, he will offer to pay for the work to be done.

    Then he will send you a certified but out of country check for much more than the amount agreed...
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    Re: Bee store supply north Alabama ?

    Raw cost to set up 2 colonies is $700. That is if he buys everything including the bees. This includes a medium grade suit, smoker, and hive tool. You can do your own due diligence to figure it...
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    Re: Shallow super actual weight

    5 11/16 shallow super S-2. I've checked per frame yield several times over the years. A shallow frame where 9 frames are in a super will yield just a tad over 3 pounds of honey. That works out to...
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    Re: Shallow super actual weight

    The average empty wet super weight is 17 pounds 4 ounces with 9 frames, 18 pounds even with 10 frames. I suspect my extractor is leaving about 1 to 2 pounds of honey in the frames. This puts me...
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    Re: Shallow super actual weight

    Ace, 9 frame supers weigh just a tad more than 10 frame supers. I'll take that 2 pound advantage any day. Less equipment required!

    Steve, yes they were filled all the way to the outside wall. ...
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    Shallow super actual weight

    3 supers weighed after removal:
    1 = 44.3 pounds
    1 = 46.8 pounds
    1 = 47.1 pounds

    All three were full of honey, the lighter weight super had 10 frames, the others had 9. I will weigh them empty...
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    Re: raising queens next to AHB...

    At best, this is a temporary solution. Drones will kill themselves trying to escape, eventually clogging the excluder. Also, drones drift at a very high rate. Typically, 30 to 50 percent of the...
  17. Re: Parasite free refugia reported from Newfoundland, Canada

    K-wing is most commonly associated with tracheal mites.
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    Re: Narrow frame?

    We have this conversation about once a year. Some really good info is in this thread.
  19. Re: The BEST queens are mated after the Solstice...

    I've had very good results with queens mated in late June through early August. They lay well for winter then come into spring fully ready for a honey flow. Swarming tendency is significantly...
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    Honeybee taskforce

    Not sure if there are any active threads, but here is a link to an article about the fox guarding the henhouse, i.e. EPA and Ag dept investigating bee deaths.
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    Re: Running Singles in the South East

    The only way it could be done is with very heavy spring feeding. I choose not to feed on that scale.

    I run several colonies as 1 and 1/2 with a deep brood chamber and a shallow for winter stores....
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    Re: Carpathian queens in the US?

    Nobody even mentioned Sue Cobey yet. Must be a record. How is the program going with bringing semen in and breeding back to a pure Caucasian line?
  23. They are coming out of the woodwork in droves this year

    In the past, I've had 1 or 2 requests per year from people who want a colony or two of bees. This year, I've already had 7 requests to get people started. While I want to help, this is more than I...
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    Re: Advice desperately needed

    MsBee, don't even advertise. There are two guys in bham who would love to get some bees. Would you object if I have them contact you?
  25. Re: Number of nurse bees needed for one queen cell

    I'll give an answer to your original question about how many bees it takes to produce a healthy queen cell. About 600 bees "of the right age" can produce one queen cell. This is why commercial...
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