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    Re: Wild Bee Issue

    A sprayer full of soapy water may to the trick. I would try to find a large sprayer mounted on a tractor or truck to put as much solution on target a quickly as possible. I'd also hit them right at...
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    Re: Foundation-Less Frame?

    Amen, one wrong turn of the comb and it hits the ground!!! Not good when you're in shorts and flip flops. I've got a few frames that I put long bamboo bbq skewers from end bar to end bar. It was...
  3. Re: Are Magnolia trees benficial for bees?

    If you leave the limbs all the way to the ground, you can run the mower around the tree and blow all the leaves and pods back under the tree. No mess, no maintainence. Plus they look like a huge...
  4. Re: Backyard Beekeeper that develops bad neighbor relation issues ... to the extremes

    You are a far better man than I. They would have at the very least paid for the bees and contaminated equipment. The last property problem I had, I never said a cross word. I called the sheriff, and...
  5. Re: Most Painful Place to be Stung by a Bee

    The scrotum has got to be the worst, but my personal best/worst was between the toes.
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    Re: Ethanol problems

    X2 on the sea foam, You never know what kind of crappy gas your getting, but a couple ounces of seafoam to the 5 gallon can and your covered. I cranked a chainsaw this past Christmas on 3 pulls that...
  7. Re: Question about Michael Bush's top entrance shims and reducing entrance.

    My hives are all top entrances with 3/4" shims. I rip a 3/4 board on the table saw to 1" and cut it the width of the opening. Then I cut a section out about 3/4" long halfway through it. Then move...
  8. Re: what size hole for a mason jar feeder?

    Brett, I see from the last photo that you will be covering them with a second nuc body. I have covered mine with a black cover stuffed with pine straw during the winter. Between the cover warming...
  9. Re: Can I put 3/4 depth frames into full depth long hive?

    Mediums in a deep is no problem, the bees will stop building it down about 3/8" before the bottom board. Keep a deep frame on both sides and it'll be ok. Several short frames side by side could get...
  10. Re: Hey there you guys! I am from Columbia, SC!

    Welcome. I'm an hour east, in Turbeville SC. Save some of that mineral mix, you'll need it to salt your driveway if the forecast holds. The deer won't need it yet, my last pet deer always shed his...
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    Re: tree stand for swarm trap

    I put a swarm trap in every one of my tree stands. I normally lost 1 or 2 stands a year to theives, but haven't lost one since I started putting the traps in them.
  12. Re: Wher are you getting your shipped packages from for 2014

    I'm not getting any, but I've sent several people Gardner's Apiary's way.
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    Re: Bees gave me osteoarthritis

    Nitril gloves offer excellent dexterity and bees normally won't sting them. I've worn them for 2 years with only 1 or 2 stings, those were when I pinched a bee on the handholds. A pair normally last...
  14. Re: Crikey, could this be a world record SHB kill?

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    Re: Pollen Patties and Feeding

    I make up big batches of pattys and freeze them, the wax paper keeps them separate in a gallon ziplock bag. Take out what you think you'll need when you inspect and refreeze whats left over. Pop a...
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    Re: Pollen Patties and Feeding

    Make your pollen pattys very thin, then put wax paper on both sides of the patty. SHB can only lay eggs on the edge, the bees keep the edge eaten off, so the SHB eggs don't get a chance to hatch....
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    Re: Just my way of handling shb.......

    SHB are a pest of the melon industry in their native africa. They can reproduce in rotten cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, etc. They will winter in the bee cluster, and even entice the bees to...
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    Re: noisy queen excuder?

    Convicts always shake the bars:D
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    Re: Mean bees

    how do they produce? Are they strong, meaning do they deal with pests aggressively?

    BOttom line is there can be good traits to being "mean". If you can work them and they are strong producers then...
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    Re: Yellow Jacket inside the Mouth

    I feel your pain, try taking a swig out of an open can of mountain dew and getting 3-4 in your mouth. Our local ball fields only sell canned drinks, I now take my own in a screw top bottle.
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    Re: Need a queen/where to buy?

    Being in Nassua county Florida, I wouldnt order queens out of Cali. Check out Florida Qeen Bees in the for sale section of this forum. I've got about a half dozen of their queens. Nice fat VSH queens...
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    Re: Hygienic VSH Italian Queens For Sale

    How late this fall are you going to have queens available?
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    Re: Chiggers - the basics to keep from going insane

    Deer season opens August 15th here, I had over 100 redbugs on one foot a couple of years ago after hunting. Deep woods off around the ankles and beltline. Good for ticks and redbugs.
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    Re: Helful friend on robbing

    You could cut the drum in half and rubber band the comb like in a cutout. I'd duct tape up all the holes but one and do a trapout. If you went slow you could get multiple hives a year off of it and...
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    Re: Converting Mediums to Deeps

    Don't cut them out. Leave them as mediums for emergencies, nucs, supers, etc. Like deepsouth said, its no problem. If they want them longer, they'll add comb to the bottom of the medium. I would put...
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