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  1. Want to win some of the world's most expensive honey?

    We are having a contest!

    Good luck! :)
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    Re: have you ever been sued?

    Although we have never been sued, we have insurance for our business - it's a little over $400/year.
    We found a great deal through Ted Wray with the Craft Agency.
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    Help us with our marketing! :)

    Will you please take just a second to help us with our marketing?

    We have been chosen as a finalist in Southern Wedding Magazine's Wedding Favor Contest and we need votes now. Yay for a honey...
  4. Re: Last Call for Alcohol...errr...I mean...Honey! :)

    Hi Vance,

    Maybe you could tell me how you figured out that we (the Beeology folks) are going to get our money! lol I'm halfway joking. With the way we are currently doing things, it's probably...
  5. Re: Looking for Small Quantities of Honey (5 Pounds): Site is almost ready!

    THanks so much. I think the honey samples will be $3/each. We're trying to get our expenses finalized to be sure we included everything. There is so much added in...tubes, labels, caps, shrink...
  6. Looking for Small Quantities of Honey (5 Pounds): Site is almost ready!

    I posted a couple of months ago about a new website that we will be officially launching late August. We have started buying honey, and I have been working on getting the honey supplier information...
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    Bees Swarming

    My husband trying to capture his swarming bees...
  8. Re: Looking to buy small quantities of honey...

    What were you up to in SC?
  9. Re: Looking to buy small quantities of honey...


    We haven't officially launched the site yet. We have to buy honey before we can sell it.
    So...we're buying honey this week - hopefully will have it all in over the next week or two so we can...
  10. Looking to buy small quantities of honey...

    We are looking to buy small quantities of honey for our new website:

    We are interested in buying honey from all over the United States and possibly other countries. If...
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    Re: Best selling honey containers

    I guess it totally depends on where you're selling. I love the look of beautiful glass jars and try to avoid plastics...but plastic jars are sooo much easier to use and less messy when it comes down...
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