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    Re: Money Crop

    Finding a life style and work that is satisfying, meaningful and beneficial to society.
    Find a job that you love and you will never have to WORK another day.
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    Re: What to do with a squater?

    You don't really want to be known as one of those types; do you?
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    Re: WAS Conference 2014

    Thursday, the first day of the WAS conference.

    Under the theme "The Path of Discovery to the Future", keynote speaker is Dr. Eric Mussen, recently retired from the University of California, Davis,...
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    Re: varroa lifespan

    Is that because they die of queenlessness instead?
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    Re: Closed to the public?

    They are.
    That's why I have bees on their place.
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    Re: Closed to the public?

    Well, it looks like I am going to be kind of a stand out from the pack on this subject.

    Our driveway is 1/4 mile long from the highway.
    We have a vertical lift security gate THAT IS ALWAYS CLOSED...
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    Re: Fall mite treatment schedule

    Testing and applying test numbers against "economic threshold levels" in the fall for decision making to treat or not treat is an obsolete concept.
    Testing earlier in the year to determine WHEN to...
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    Re: Hive Boom for Bee Truck

    I can promise you, DmacShack, that is going to be a hellish nightmare and a LONG LONG night just to move a few hives with that contraption.
    You will be way farther ahead to just take a buddy along...
  9. Re: Paramount Farms buying out beekeepers?

    My favorite:

    "We are all working very hard, and all trying to make a living at the same time"

    Well that was cool. I quoted myself!
  10. Re: Paramount Farms buying out beekeepers?

    Good point Nick.
    Actually, if you divide the total almond acreage in 2013 (870,000) by Paramount's 46,000 it is a mere 5.2%.
  11. Re: Paramount Farms buying out beekeepers?

    Are you sure about that?
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    Re: WAS Conference 2014

    This year's conference is composed of three sections:

    • The 2nd International Workshop on Hive and Bee Monitoring on Wednesday, September 17,

    • WAS Conference Speakers, Thursday and Friday,...
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    Re: Noisy extractor motor

    Three phase NEVER has a neutral unless you are just running one leg such as 208.
    Three phase is power 120 degrees offset potential.
    Single phase 220 is 180 degrees.

    Ian, if you have the option...
  14. Re: Farm license plates (benefits or regulations)

    Well, I hate to bring this up and you know that I do...
    This is yet another good reason for a towable forklift!
    In Oregon, towable forklifts are licensed as "Fixed Load Trailers".
    In Oregon fixed...
  15. Re: Farm license plates (benefits or regulations)

    Notice in Map-21 that if under 26001 CGVW, your rigs are allowed anywhere in the USA. NO 150 mile limit
    And remember, after 3 years of inception, each state has to comply with these rules.
    So it...
  16. Re: How to deal with backfilling properly and Fast

    Those will be the best looking hives next spring!
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    Re: Angry landowners

    Jim, just a note to express appreciation for your views.
    Thank you for the common sense, reality check comments that you are known for.
    Keep it coming! Reality rules!
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    Re: If Not Almonds...

    Is it any wonder why over 50% of small business's fail in their 1st year?
    Often it is because good people throw down money on business's that they know very little or nothing about.
  19. Re: Can I trust large scale commercial bee keepers?

    I'll tell you what is going on there:
    They are working out of a warehouse that is closed to the public.
    Most business's manufacture, process or assemble in warehouses that are closed to the public....
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    Re: Two way pallets

    I don't know about Louisiana, but here in Oregon there are booms coming up for sale from time to time.
    I know of one right now for $300.00.
    Its nothing fancy, not an EzyLoader by a log shot but it...
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    Re: Honey house questions

    Well this is one of those, "Either I can spend two hours looking up two year old invoices, or you can get current material prices."
    One way gives you out dated info and wastes my time, the other...
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    Re: Honey house questions

    We coated our floor with Rustoleum EpoxyShield.
    We are VERY, VERY happy and impressed with the result.
    There are many very helpful You-Tube videos about this epoxy floor coating and others as well....
  23. Re: Bees no Longer Required to Pollinate Almonds.

    Maybe we should have our own booth this year at the Almond Board Conference and convince them that the pollen does a much better job when placed INSIDE the hive?
    We can have Keith there as our...
  24. Re: Bees no Longer Required to Pollinate Almonds.

    This reminds me of another fad - hype bandwagon that blew through several years ago.
    Maybe some of you that were pollinating almonds about 10 years ago will remember this:
    Anyway, I returned to...
  25. Re: How do you keep your honey pure if you keep feeding your bees?

    David, we see the same thing every year with our newer folks.
    If it wasn't hard enough to teach beekeeping; now we have to UNTEACH all of the kockamame nonsense that the students hear "somewhere".
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