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  1. Re: Inspections without all the squished Bees

    A little smoke will make them retreat into the hives, but just for a second. I also slide them back on the last inch or so, and can watch the top of the lower box to minimize the damage. Still end...
  2. Re: storing full frames of honey before extracting

    Careful, there. OP is in Atlanta. If SHB eggs were FRESHLY laid, they hatch in 2 days. In all probability, there are eggs already there, so they will hatch pretty much immediately. Unless frozen....
  3. Re: storing full frames of honey before extracting

    I you freeze to get rid of eggs or larva, you need to keep them in the freezer for up to 2 days. It takes that long for the frame temp and honey temp to equalize with the freezing temps in the...
  4. Thread: shb recipe

    by rweaver7777

    Re: shb recipe

    It comes with the territory - getting stung. Yes, replace the queen. But there's no need to get angry with them. Where's your full suit?
  5. Re: SHB larva on ground, attacked by ants?

    What did the SHB larva eat while growing up? It slimed at least part of your hive. You need to check on this, because if too many get going, your bees will abscond. They don't like the slimed...
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    Re: How Do You Spell Honey?

    Agreed on commodity items. What you have to do with your product is differentiate. Use special bottles that look great or that would make great gifts, do creamed honey, etc., that the guy in the...
  7. Re: Problems keeping city bees...some thoughts from a *rural* (newbie) beek...

    You might be surprised. I saw a skunk in our neighborhood (dense suburb homes, not those 5 acre mcmansions), and have raccoons regularly.
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    Re: When is honey capped?

    Walt, your inbox is full - I tried to send you a PM. Can you clear some out?

    RE: in-cell drying - I thought the bees always did this regardless.
  9. Re: Problems keeping city bees...some thoughts from a *rural* (newbie) beek...

    Just close up the hive during the work and move it to your garage. Especially the tree work should take less than a day, so that should not be a problem with the bees. Once the fenceworkers are out...
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    Re: Interesting Experience

    Just putting on a super won't prevent swarming. If there is a solid band of honey above the brood or if the colony has backfilled, the queen won't have anywhere to lay. Hence, the swarming.
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    Re: Master Beekeeper Exam

    I've also found that some of the "old-timers" look down on pretty much everybody and everything that disagrees with their "knowledge" in the local clubs here. They think classes are a waste of time...
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    Re: Definitive signs of robbing?

    No dead bees, no shredded comb, went through every hive. I thought I saw new bees orienting but also some older ones which would be robbers. Now I have absolutely zero confidence it was robbing. I...
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    Re: Bottom Boards Made from Treated Lumber?

    Just wondering WHY you are considering treated lumber? Part of the reason for treatment is to apply a PESTICIDAL property to the wood. And you're going to put this on a beehive?
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    Re: Definitive signs of robbing?

    Robbing screens (used the brushy mountain screen design) went on last night after dark. We'll see what the future holds. Took the feed off too. Planning to open each up tomorrow morning to see...
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    Re: Definitive signs of robbing?

    Feeder: It is a jar inside a deep over the inner cover.

    It is a month-old medium nuc, and I put the frames in a medium, with one medium above it for the queen to expand into. I was feeding to...
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    Re: Definitive signs of robbing?


    I've concluded that I have a robbing situation. However they don't seem to have bothered the hive bees other than being an annoyance and drinking their feed. No destroyed comb, no dead...
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    Re: to smoke or not to smoke

    I keep mine upwind of the hive for this reason...
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    Re: Definitive signs of robbing?

    Thank you Michael.

    I notice you didn't mention dead bees. Should I expect at least a few?

    I will close up one of the hives this evening. If I close them ALL up I may close up the robbers too...
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    Definitive signs of robbing?

    Are there any definitive signs that says robbing is going on? See my scenario below to understand why I'm asking.

    I'm feeding 3 new hives from nucs with Syrup+HBH. I know this can trigger...
  20. Re: papers provide conclusive evidence that the pesticides are causing the mass death

    I won't disagree that climate change is occurring. I WILL however disagree with the statement that it is man-made AND that there is anything we can possibly do about it.

    I'll stick with my own...
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    HBH, Soy, and questions


    I read some posts over the past few days that seemed to indicate that soy products weren't good for bees. Unfortunately, the forum search won't let me use three letter search terms to find...
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    Re: Bee-z Smoker ... Any reviews?

    I learned how to keep my smoker going from a boy who was a member of our club. And I do mean, like 12 years old. And no shortage of pine straw. All I do is go stuff it full, light it and then...
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    Syrup + Mega Bee?

    I poked my snout in the hives we started from nucs about a month ago. They're drawing out the foundation nicely. The drawn ones are full of syrup.

    I searched for this answer but didn't find...
  24. Re: # of frames needed to make extractor use worthwhile?

    extractor vs. crush and strain? That's not a hard question at all. Find one to rent or use. That drawn comb is nearly priceless if you need it, because NO ONE will sell you any or theirs unless...
  25. Re: Are frames full of only pollen worthless?

    Pardon me, but the guy you got the swarm from is nuts. Pollen is great for brood-rearing.
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