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  1. pbuhler
    Remember to post a new message announcing that you've been cleared to post.

    Some of you will miss class Friday, so I want you to know that we are searching the other forums on BeeSource and finding topics that you, as individuals, find interesting. You can copy and paste some of this information into a post here. Put it in quotes, and cite your source by "copying a link" (right click on the post to find the copy link command) to the same post. Then add any questions that you may have. Guess what your next step will be.

    See my reply below to see an example of what I am looking for.
  2. pbuhler
    "I would like to try some Russians but can't seem to be able to find anyone close enough for me to purchase a couple of packages/nucs.

    What are "Russians"? What are Nucs?
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