I captured sprayed bees!!!

  1. franktrujillo
    Now! i captured spayed bees most hive dead sad too see!placed in new box May 2009 gave two frames of honey and 1 frame of brood just in case queen dies. very next day all bees absconded from brood box.brood left in box no nurse bees all brood dead.sprayed warm 1:1 sugar water and recaptured another new box with two other frames honey.night returned to check hive sprayed 1:1 sugar water I think queen still alive.next day bees working bringing in pollen:they made it thru winter.current day bees in slow pace spring build up no improvement no drones around hive bee temperment not quick too attack.opened lid no smoke bees curious no attack hummm bang lid on hive loud buzz no attack...hummm curious going to check hive brood today.sept 2010.
  2. franktrujillo
    well checked hive bigger than expected lots of stored pollen and honey but the bee numbers are not quite up to par.
  3. franktrujillo
    hive never made it out of spring
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