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  1. franktrujillo
    my bees have emerged there flying collecting water now waiting 4 good weather to check for brood well in my studies so far good flowers to keep around the hives is mint and lavender seem they say mites and varrora hate the smell anyone have any other information so is any one else doing the same on bee keeping
  2. franktrujillo
    looking for some information didn't see the queen seen two capped cells ?new comb built middle 2 frames had support comb between couldn't remove without having a chance too kill the queen so i left them alone.yesterday bees bringing back pollen as well as to day any insite?
  3. gingerbee

    Are the capped cells on the sides of the frames or on the bottoms?
    Capped queen cells on side are superscedure cells. Capped queen cells on bottom are swarm cells. If they are superscedure cells I'd leave them alone.

    Burr comb should be removed between frames, but I'd wait until after they have hatched brood and after honey flow to do it. Just an opinion.
  4. franktrujillo
    they are on the sides of the frame i haven't looked on the bottom brood box but i checked on the 19 th on the top they pretty much combed the whole top brood box except 3 frames which they are cleaning the bees also seem to be building the brood nest also noticed a increase of guard bees at the entrance no sign of drones yet either queen on the way just in case
  5. franktrujillo
    hows everyones bees if in natural environment seems that the worker bees seem to be smaller in size
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