Earth day beekeeping

  1. beekeepinglady~SC
    I went out today on earth day to spend some time with my bees. What better day to be in the bee yard. I added supers to my one hive from last year I call it my monster hive because it does so well for me. I've already got 5 super on her and she will most likely need another one next week. My other 4 were doing a pretty good job with the one super on them. I just started them this year. Hope everyone's having a good spring with their honey bees. Anna
  2. fhlowrimore
    My Beeyard is 10 miles away from my home. I live in the City Limits so I have
    been wrote to and visted by City Hall and City Police when I try to establish new hives at home. Have to obey rules but miss them.
    When I go to my Beeyard maybe one day a week or whenever I can , I take
    my time on each hive. I need to take more and better notes as I work each
    hive. They require lots of working time but I do enjoy them. Henry
  3. USCBeeMan
    I have bees in my backyard and 1 side yard. It sure is easy to work them than those that I have farther away. Have an apiary of 1 hive about 4 miles away and another apiary on a farm about 12 miles away. No matter how much I want to go to these other 2 apiaries something always seems to get in my way. They need just as much TLC and those at the house. Was down to 7 hives with losses at the house but with 2 cutouts and 3 splits I am up to 12 now. At one time last year with all of the swarm calls I had over 16 in my backyard many times. Many were in nucs.
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