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  1. Doxtator
    Hey folks, love the fact there is a group to dicsuss topics specific to CNY and surrounding areas. Parents have been beekeepers for decades (we're former dairy farmers), I have always helped and absolutely love working with the buggars even when they don't like me so much. Now my 9 yr old is really interested, not afraid of being stung and I want to keep him going. Planning on planting some white clover for the girls (2 acres or so) in a month or so. Let's hope it's a good year.

  2. swamprat
    John.were exactly are you located in verona.we have a dairy farm over here in lowell

  3. Doxtator
    On Happy Valley Road. Probably know my brother, Dr. Mike Jones, Happy Valley Animal Hospital. Across from my brother-in-law Joe Van Lieshout (the BIG farm). Great open area for bees except for the herb & pesticides from the farm.
  4. swamprat
    hay john me and my brothers run schieferstine farms in lowell.i think i have heard of your brother.there is a lot of good land for bees over there a lot of it to wet to do anything else.hence the name swamprat.bees dont care as long as flowers are above water.I think its great your kid is involved dont let the stings discorage him

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